...under tall?

I find humor in just about everything I see and do these days. Ya gotta laugh…honest, you gotta laugh and the more often the better.

So I was discussing Margo with my son and mentioned she was getting a bit chunky although she still weighs in just under 15lbs. Which is not really over weight for her size and breed.

Out of the clear blue he says, "well, she can’t help it if she is under tall. "

I started laughing and just could not stop. Margo stood between us looking at me laughing with a slight tilt to her head and my son said, “see she agrees. She’s not heavy, she can’t help if her legs are short.”


She looks like she wants to talk to you about wood.

That made me laugh and I don’t know why. What does it even MEAN? :smiley:

The back and forthing we had pre-raid Friday evening.


Margo really doesn’t care…but the conversation in raid was hilarious.