Ultima Online

Does no one play Ultima Online?

Not since the early aughts. The developments since then doesn’t interest me. To me, the best part of UO was that it was a sandbox, and everything after T2A seems to have tried and bend it towards something more like EQ/WoW.

I often find myself considering playing one of the unofficial shards, but I don’t seem to find the time to retread the game. Still, I have fond memories of it.

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It was an amazing game for the time. Time warps and sink holes of lag were know fun. I remember writing dome stuff in a book in my house (inventory or something) … i found a copy of that book in a library that was totally neat that Player books would be copied to libraries. There were so many small details that made that game interesting. The pvp was fun and when they started guild wars it seemed revolutionary.

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@Harstic I agree, it was my first MMO and I loved it. I was on the Sonoma Shard and with the -S- guild. It was such a great community. I actually did try to go back about 2 years ago (I think?). The -S- guild house in Yew was still there but no one was around the few times I checked in. It was still awesome to see the old guild house standing though. :slight_smile: