Twitch has sold CurseForge to the game overlay magnates at Overwolf

Ran across this article just a moment ago and thought it might be important for us to know about. I’ve not finished the article yet but plan to digest it at leisure since it relates to addons.

You can find the article here.

Thanks for catching this @lynspottery Lyn. It kinda sucks.

Yea it sucks. If Blizzard would make their UI adjustable for at least that part of players’ needs, the rest would be easier to deal with. But practically everyone uses an addon UI substitute because the Blizzard UI is trash.

Frankly, I uninstalled Twitch the day after it (unasked for) installed itself when Curse was taken over by Twitch… That interface is… Ugh…

So who knows, this might end up being better, because it can hardly get any worse!

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I agree but it was tedious to update all my addons manually, especially when I never knew when an update was available. I do remember having to reinstall fresh copies of some of my addons because CurseForge messed up something and it was simpler just to do a fresh install than fight with trying to get an update to work.

Twitch at least allowed me access to my complete listing showing which updates needed to be done. I was not a fan of CruseFurge < look at what my typo called it :rofl:

…sigh oh well, its back to the drawing board for me since we will have to migrate to something or use nothing at all and go back to old bliz bonker setups.

I ended up going with Minion, which has (almost) all the mods as well, and has a MUCH more friendly user interface and application :slight_smile:

I read that Overwolf will have a desktop app to use. I’ll bet that it works just fine.

The thing that mostly worries me about Overwolf is that it’s yet another data aggregator, with ads as their only revenue stream.

I mainly use Curseforge for Minecraft, so I’m curious how that’ll pan out. For WoW, ESO, TSW/SWL I use Minion, as I said before.

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Ok, there apparently was a break in the Overwolf/Twitch communications because I went to update my addons on Twitch to see if a pop up would show that there had been a change. Nothing happened and none of my addons showed a need for update, which I knew was incorrect.

So I downloaded/installed Minion and set it up. Opened the app to check it out and low and behold there were 8 updates available for my addons that were not showing on Twitch. So I figure once Overwolf made the purchase, someone behind the scenes did the old switch off routine and disconnected Twitch entirely.

The problem with that is that, if Overwolf wanted users to switch over, they should have provided an appropriate popup overlay box informing the players that a change had happened and offer a migration to the new app manager. Which did not happen. So they’ve basically (at this point anyway) left players floating in the wind without notification that none of their updates are actually connected to an active manager any longer.

I shall be using Minion for the time being to see how it operates. Everything I’ve been reading indicates this might be the better option for my uses anyway. Especially since I never used any of the other options offered on Twitch and glad to see none of that on Minion.

However, from what I read, there seems to be a consensus that Overwolf, or even that Matrix thingie mentioned, was really not optimal. Anyway, I’ll keep an eye on the news about these to see if there are any changes forthcoming after the fact.

I really hate that an app I use, failed to notify me of important changes like a “we no longer are updating please go here for more information” message. Sloppy transition if you ask me.

Twitch wow addons are still being updated and are still functioning. Please be aware the minion uses a different source for addon installation as a result it will list addons and call them updates when they are for much older versions. What minion does is check its addon source and check to see if the installed version is the same as the latest version on that source. If it is not the same version it will tell you that it is an update.

An example of this would be what minion tells me for my addons.

TradeskillMaster - Installed version v4.9.36 upgrade available to v 3.5
Altoholic - Installed version 8.3-006 upgrade available to 8.2.001
Opie - Installed version Walnut 6 (released dec 2019) upgrade availabe to Lime 6 (released Aug 2013)

As you can see, these addons are listed as needing updates, however each of them are at newer versions than minion knows about and should not be “updated”.


If you were using twich to update your addons and switch to Minion, look at the versions and check and make sure they are actually updates and do not blindly assume because it says update that it is a newer version.

When Twitch took over Curse, there was no communication at all, but Twitch just got installed and Curse got deleted. No explanation, no choice, no nothing. So I’m somehow not surprised.

Well I did not have a problem with that switch from curse to twitch, but I am not happy with the poor communication on this next one.

So it looks like I shall be going back to manually updating all my own addons for now.

That’s a pretty labor-intensive stand you’re taking there, Lyn. :stuck_out_tongue:

yea. but for now its a plan I’ve put on my list of things to do…

Just hope my last updates from Twitch are still viable …we’ll see as I play. Raid tonight should highlight if my DBM is still working or not. We’ll see.

Just really frustrated over how all this was implemented and communicated overall.

My Twitch stuff is still working fine. No changes have been made to anything yet, just an announcement changes are coming. Twitch as a mod hub has never been my fav anyways. I don’t know much about Overwolf, but hoping I will like it more.

I read the article and then d/l Minion and also WowMatrix. It did not say when the overwolf app would be out. Meanwhile I will see which one of these I like better.

Minion uses as it’s repository, and WowMatrix uses a mix of original websites from addons, sourced downloads and copies from addons hosted by them to make up an update scheme.

I’ve always avoided WowMatrix, because of the random mix of sources it gets things from, and they have been in the past… Extremely dodgy… Like providing download links for addons but without actually giving the addon’s website, author, or anything, and in some cases explicitly not having permission to distribute certain addons.

I very much dislike a program and/or website monetizing other people’s work without giving them credit or ways to opt out. But that’s just me personally.

I just used Twitch to update my addons… worked just fine. I’m gonna wait until I see what the plan is before I change addon software.

Thanks Juulz, I got the Twitch to actually update yesterday finally. Don’t know why it did not work before, but I did a clean sweep on my pc yesterday morning which included malware checks and RogueKiller for any viruses. Did not find any.

So I ran a complete system clean up (which I do once a week any way) earlier than planned and it seemed to find some stuff I normally would not see…so updating my malware and cCleaner with recent updates seemed to do the trick.

Odd that it would occur in such a manner but it seems to be working now. Not sure what I deleted that might have borked it, but I also did a clean install of the Twitch client too…which might actually have fixed it. Should have done that first. :roll_eyes:

Anyway, it worked fine yesterday so I shall also keep working with it until we see what addon software change is available after it stops.