Twisting Corridors 5-man Raid run? AND a mount?

Now this is a twist. Wonder if it would be a decent group project in case some folks don’t want to do a mythic?

What are the Twisting Corridors?

Have you been running Torghast these past weeks and thought, “This is far too fast, and far too easy?” Well, if you have, then the Twisting Corridors are for you. They are the “challenge mode” of Torghast. Each run is 18 floors, with a pattern that goes two floors of mobs, a break floor with a vendor, two floors of mobs, then a boss floor, and the cycle starts over. Basically, Twisting Corridors is three Torghast runs smashed into one. These can take a couple hours to clear, and the difficulty is greater than normal Torghast. A well-organized, geared group of five people is expected to work together.

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Oh and look at this…

Twisting Corridors is expected to be challenging — a five-person raid. It doesn’t provide gear, and you’ll need to have gear from outside sources.

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SO basicly they made it were if you want to mount you have to be a elite raider or screw you. Not sure I like it but nothing I can do but bitch about it I guess and know I wont ever see the mount more than likely.

I really don’t chase some of these mounts. What usually happens is later in an xpac it sorta falls in my lap.

But this particular mount is the very same one you can steal from an npc riding one in the Maw, once you kill the npc. I’ve actually made use of those several times and they work just fine for the few times I needed speed faster than running.