Touching base

Its been a while my people since I shared any news. My light sensitivity will probably keep me out of the MMO arena, as there’s lots of flashy things and blue “lights” and those set me off in an almost siezure like episode… yet we have run a whole LOT of tests and its NOT siezures. So yay?
It’s a combination of my various conditions and stress. Oh joy of joys.
Also, because of stress, and family issues, I have moved back to Texas… to say I don’t fear what this winter will bring would be a bald faced lie. My body doesn’t take the cold well, but I have an electric blanket this year, so… fingers crossed
I miss my friends here, I miss hanging out with many of you. I have a lot of good memories here. I still am on discord on occasional Friday nights playing D&D, and if you shoot me a message any given day on discord I can shoot you a message back probably same day.
Remember, we’re all family here. Some more distant than others, but we’re like glue. :slight_smile:
/hugs all around
Be safe everyone.


does texas get cold in the winter? We have quite a few members in Texas :slight_smile: I’m in Toronto Ontario Canada. It’s a bit chilly here right now…lol :canada:

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The thing with Texas is that it’s big with various terrains that in some places we have mild weather during the winter and other places have snow.

This past February, we had a very unusual weather event where we had more snow in one day than we’ve ever had in my lifetime (63 years). I think we had a whopping 8” of snow. And combined with our entire electrical grid going down, it was awful.

Welcome back to Texas, Akasa! I’m thinking the winter this year is going to be pretty mild. Here’s hoping. :grin:

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Great to hear from you. I hope the climate suits you better.