The Quantum Age of Computers

A couple years ago I started reading articles on Quantum Computers, I was also reading articles on Encryption. Below is a article I just read about the computers and its speed. I will give you a real life example. Quantum speed

The article that concerned me was the 2 month window that some people were able to crack a latest and greatest computer encryption. What does that mean for a quantum computer example Google said that the D-Wave which sells for 15 million is at 10,000 timers faster then the normal PC. So that encryption that took 2 months to break theoretically would be broken in 8.64 minutes. That is the Last years computer the newest Google and NASA estimate the new ones which have up to 1000+ quibits would be 100 million times faster then the typical PC. That so called encryption which took 2 months to crack is broken in .021 seconds. Take care all I think i bury my money in the back yard. Just joking but some hackers do not care.


As it has been foretold,so shall it be:
MC Frontalot: Secrets from the Future

Not a big fan of Rap but the actually movement toward quantum computers was due to a MIT grad with IBM I believe in the 50s,