The Nightmare or My Atempt at Changing Mobile Phone Companies

So I did it on Saturday. Unlimited talk and text, 6gb data plan. Worldwide Text Messaging. All for $55 Canadian. I checked my IMEI number of their website (Freedom Mobile in Toronto) and Awesome it says compatible. So I went, Ported my number over and all was well…for four days when I tried to make a call.

Turns out my phone isn’t as compatible as I was led to believe. So after talking to support I was given the option of returning to the store and Using Buyers Remorse to cancel my services. Unfortunately I would need to go to Bell to port back my number before my services could be canceled. I then tried to get a new phone and settled on the Sony Xperia XZ2. Which were out of stock. Freedom dude tried to call Sony to order me one. None are being made anymore as the new model is out which freedom doesn’t offer.

So I left and went home and checked their website for other phones. I realized the phone I was going to get wasn’t one with a 4k screen. I love my phones 4k Screen so I lucked out there. Finally I gave up and made the trip to the Bell store which felt like a perpwalk. I explained everything to them and they allowed me to return. I got my number ported back and a better plan without having to get another contract.

Old plan was unlimited local talk and text and 500mb/month data for $101.70/Month
Now I get the same local talk and text and 3GB/month data for $85 I can live with this.

The nightmare is finally over.

Customer Service wise both companies tried to help me out and freedom did more then I would have to try to keep me as a customer. I would have been very happy to stay a Freedom customer had my phone been fully compatible.

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What an odd story :slight_smile: Over here when you want to switch providers and you want to keep your phonenumber, you can do that just fine, even if you don’t actually have a phone at all.

It’s mandatory by law for them to transfer the phone number to the other provider when you want them to.

I’m curious how that works in Canada, if your phone needs to be compatible with something. I’m guessing you’re keeping the same SIM card?

No, they gave me a new sim card for free. Your phone number is associated with the network or something and different mobile companies use different networks I assume. Freedom charged me $11 for the new sim card. And would have given me a new number had I not chosen to keep my current number.

Here’s what the tech said:

As per law in Ontario Canada I am legally entitled to cancel my contract or whatever within a certain time limit. Freedom says 15 days so I’m covered :slight_smile:

Wow! Real customer service. I’m impressed! :smiley: