Stress testing

Just got the invite to the July 30 test. I am hoping the game play is jacked up for testing because if you can make level 10 inside of 3 hours and level 20 in another 3 hours this game is very thin?

I don’t remember too much from when I was in the beta for a brief amount of time, but I bet they are speeding the leveling process up just for the stress test :slight_smile:

I don’t think they are changing anything for the stress test. In any game you can level as fast or slow as you want. You always see people setting wow records. Its all about what you want to do in game.

Day 1 is 10 hours i believe.

Everyone in this Density test should get together on a private discord chat. Keep and eye on the OTG NW discord chat channel. Hopefully Edzwarr will set something up for us.

Starting my download now so it’ll be installed when I get home from work.

Welp, I didn’t get any message but there it was in my Steam library. Since the NDA is up on this I guess I can’t comment more. Cheerio!

same here, lips are sealed!

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