State of the game, guild presence in game

Howdy Repopulators! I backed this game long ago in it’s Kickstarter days and I actually out down $100 on it. Haven’t kept up with it much since they kinda sorta cancelled it and then revived it. I’m hoping that it makes it to a final release and gets more attention because I’m in love with the sci-fi setting and the concept of the whole thing. I played the Fractured companion game they released and it didn’t grab my attention at all. Anyhow, I have been thinking about loading this up again and checking it out just to see how it is currently. So how had the game been coming along, is it still pretty rough or smoothing out? It sounds like there isn’t much of a guild presence in the game, but do we have a guild setup in the game and what is the guild presence like in the game so far?

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A lot of background stuff has changed, performance things, etc. But realistically, the game is at the same point as it was 3 years ago.

They’re working out all the crap that the previous developers left, and it looks like they really didn’t have much of a clue about how to do things, so the current developers have mostly been busy cleaning garbage.

Their latest update:


I’ll echo what Splutty said. A lot of background changes. A lot of work going on in the office. It sounded like A&BT rolled the game back to an old version before the 2015 shutdown. Then left it there when they sold it to IF. This caused about an extra year of problems for the new dev team. The hero engine that The Repop uses is about three versions behind the current live edition. The Repop engine would not communicate with the update server. They had to build something for the two to communicate with each other.
While the engineers were working on this problem, other teams were updating the game world behind the scenes. They have a lot planned for the future. It’s been a long wait and I hope to still be here when they are ready to start rolling it out to the world.
It does sound like A&BT did not do the best at building a sustainable game. The code and art assets were all held together with duct tape and bailing wire. It was just a matter of time before the game failed completely.
I suspect its going to take another year or so before we start seeing regular updates and such. They are basically re-building the game from the core.
There is a guild (Nation) in the game but I don’t think anyone plays. I log in for a minute or two every couple months.

Yeah. Since the last time we played together I only occasionally log on anymore.

I’m hoping they change the tutorial stuff as well.

One thing, though! I finally got that girl to the shack! For the first time in years :smiley:


Thanks for the info. I reinstalled it and logged back in and my character I made so long ago was still there. Checked it out for a bit and it did feel much the same to me and the performance is pretty poor on my comp (which is far from a potato). It felt really really rough to me and what you guys shared puts it into perspective. I have patience (and plenty of other stuff to play) and my money is long since spent on the game so I’ll just keep an eye on it and hope it turns out to be something special in the future. If it makes it to become a full fledged game I’ll be there playing it with y’all.

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