Starlink Internet Service

Anyone up north try out this service yet?

I’ve seen some youtube videos and read some articles of emergency services using the Starlink products and satellites. It looks very promising for rural areas (which I live in).

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I live in the south so don’t have it yet.

But have already signed up! (Yesterday - The moment I saw they were allowing it.)

Cannot wait to replace Viasat.

I signed up as well, this has to be better than my 7mbps DSL internet.


An offshoot of Starlink was tested for emergency services for about 5 years now, very minimal downtime and was exceptional higher quality. Surrounding areas that were serviced by those municipalities and got access to pretty astounding reviews.

If you’re where Comcast is selling you sub 10mbps I wouldn’t hesitate, and jump on the pre orders, especially if you’re in a weird area

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Ugh, Comcrash. We ditched it for the fiber that finally came into our neighborhood. But then, anything would be better than Comcrash.

Drives me insane that the federal government gave them so much money to expand their network, and their idea of expansion was a few thousand homes got DSL of 10Mbps.

The areas with completion with Google all have fiber for elas then a hundred a month!

Basic 50 down/5 up should be absolute minimum anyone can get nowadays…yet it isn’t- very sad.

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Used to live in houston and was getting 400+ Mb/s through comcast xfinity (for $45 per month) and loved it as long as I didn’t have to deal with customer service.

Move out to boonies now and curently have AT&T fixed wirless. And its something, not great but something.

I order the Starlink package and they said it may be available 3rd to 4th quarter 2021.

Watched a bunch of videos, setup seems easy and so far everyone I’ve seen has 70 mb/s to over 100 mb/s speeds. Guess I can wait a bit more.