Star Trek: Picard

The first Image is out for Star Trek: Picard
Let us bask in its awesomeness!

Edit: I’ll add some more stuff about Picard.

Teaser trailer from Comic Con

SD Comic Con Panel

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I am so excited for this. I have been waiting ages for Star Trek to move forward again instead of all these remakes and prequels. Discovery has been OK, but the first season was all action, and some of my favorite Trek was the slice-of-life episodes, or the more philosophical episodes. I’m hoping this is more of that.

hehe Destiny, not Odysee. And I agree that first season was pretty bad but holy hell that second season. That was classic Star Trek. They fixed everything that pissed me off about season 1. They even gave Klingons back their hair. :slight_smile:

The second season was ah-may-ziiiing! Captain Pike is now topping my list of favorite captains.

I am excited by Picard as well. Just didn’t think anyone else was geeking out like me.

I love Scifi. Scifi is cool! :slight_smile:


Finally! It took 4 days for someone to notice…LOL

New Star Trek Picard trailer release at SDCC

And everyone has been just screaming over the surprises. This looks great!

This show looks awesome. They are even supposed to be bringing back some of the TNG characters such as Brent Spiner as Data, Jonathan Frales as Riker

If anything will make me break my 15+ year streak of not watching TV, this will do it. I just hate that CBS is putting it behind a paywall.

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Move to Canada, we get it on TV…lol

This won’t be aired on broadcast TV?

CBS will put it on broadcast in a few years. The Good Fight Season 1 is on broadcast right now, for example.

@JoelleP that trailer was great! The Vulcans get a make-over?

Those are Romulans. The new show is based off of Picard leading the rescue mission to Romulus when their star went supernova (Spock never did the Red Matter mission that caused the Kelvin timeline) saving about 50% of the Romulan population. Picard is set 15 years after that rescue mission and the Romulan survivors are now part of the Federation.
Look closely too, the ship that Picard is on in the trailer is that busted-up Borg Cube in the trailer; so whats left of the Borg after the collective was destroyed by Janeway in Voyager is on semi-friendly terms with Picard at least.