Star Citizen Commodity Prices File Now On Google Drive
Star Citizen Alpha 3.3.6 Commodity Prices.xlsx

General Note: As the game gets more dynamic systems, these spreadsheets and infographics will be less useful.

For now, they are very helpful as there’s a very limited amount of goods, very limited fluctuations in price, and no supply of goods coming or going - they’re always the same.

I expect we will be replacing the links to documents with links to websites that cover all of this, in time :slight_smile:

Everyone can certainly do as they wish. But, from my experience thus far, the sites I have been to do not always have the correct data or do not make the same calculations. I like keeping my own statistics files as I can get to my data quickly on my laptop next to my desktop and keyboard. The site is very slow and has input from many people in it that put in invalid data. I actually went to all of the sites and input the data. Just added CRU L4 which is not even in their database yet. I suspect people will go all over the place and not necessarily where you are or need to go. Thus, data may be missing or you may not even want to share it with your competitors.

But isn’t that someone else’s sheet anyway?

No matter.
Like I said, for now the sheets are great because the data is easy to contain in a simple spreadsheet.
But as the verse gets bigger there will be sites that are dedicated to this type of thing that will be far more efficient and up to date than we can keep in a spreadsheet.
As the game grows so will the various support features from the community grow. And that is a good thing :+1:

No sir! I have spent days creating it. All my own data. My creation. And yes, I am also considering creating a SQL Server database of data I collect because it will get too unwieldy for a spreadsheet.

Sounds like you should be one of those sites everyone goes to! :mega:

Heh, Alas, I can only code in Visual Basic. 20 years of VB coding for the #5 largest Defense/commercial electronics company. I used to manage an 11 TB Oracle database and support servers. I wrote VB code to collect data everywhere I could and to analyze the data in the DB. Used data to make products better, faster and cheaper. Six Sigma Process Improvement Engineer.

Another file to check out:

Update file to version “Star Citizen Alpha 3.4 Commodity Prices”. I added links to specs on equipment and all of the 3.4 version stuff I could find.

If anyone finds the new Shipjacker armor, please let me know where it is. Thanks.

Not in yet as far as I know

  • Added Shipjacker Armor

Shipjacker body armor set which includes the Clash armor set (Levski, Lorville, GrimHex), Secondlife undersuit (Levski, Lorville, GrimHex), The Butcher helmet (GrimHex), Death’s Head helmet (GrimHex) and Why not? helmet (Levski, Lorville, GrimHex).

Thanks for the heads up. I did see what is probably an error. The armor’s damage reduction is shown as 40% which should make it Heavy armor in line with the rest of the sets, but it is listed as Medium Armor which should be 30% damage reduction.

It is definitely medium armor, but it may be that not all of them are going to be standard 30% across the board. It may have less durability and more protection, as an example.

But I would expect those variations to come much later, so you are correct, it is probably a bug.