Star Citizen Alpha 3.6 PTU

UPDATE: Now available to All backers!

The new release of Alpha 3.6 is on PTU for ETF, Concierge, Subscribers, Wave 1 and Wave 2 testers.
So pretty much anyone who has logged in over the past 12 months has access.

This latest build is pretty solid and showcases a lot of the new features , such as:

  • Hover Mode
  • Optical Attachments for FPS weapons
  • New Law /Crime system
  • Ship components degrade and misfire
  • Head tracking (THIS ONE IS GREAT!)
  • P-72 Archie is in game and back to 4 weapons after the mishap “racing” change that was removed (thank God!)
  • Hacking terminals has new gameplay
  • Revamped Vanguard Warden and Hoplite

And of course lots of little improvements that add up to a better running game over all.

So if you have access, jump in and check out the latest and greatest that Star Citizen has to offer. And if you don’t have access (yet) then don’t despair, access will likely be wide open in the next day or so as the patch moves closer to Live release.

Have fun, fly safe, and I will see you all 'round the verse!

Oh cool I was a little confused with the P-72 change.

I’ll give PTU another go, kept getting token errors and other issues last time. Was able to get into the hangar at least

Now available to ALL backers!