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I’ve been organizing events for OTG in NW since December of 2021. This document provides an outline for expectations that participants are expected to meet prior to signing up and maintain while attending our weekend by signup expedition groups.

Purpose of Weekend Expeditions

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While our overall goal with Old Timers Guild is to be inclusive, MMORPGs and specifically New World expeditions and mutators do have a bar that the developers set that players need to be able to meet in order to have a reasonable chance to be successful. This varies greatly based on a players skill but there have been community guidelines developed over the last year that are reasonable and accessible in terms of a starting point.

Our weekend expeditions are intended for players at that starting point and provide a no drama atmosphere where you have an opportunity to be exposed to and learn basic tactical approaches to tackling expeditions as well as the mechanics that consistently become more difficult as you progress mutation levels.

While these events are introductory inexperienced players should arrive with an open mind and willingness to take feedback and criticism in stride. The goal is to help everyone get better and be successful at higher levels. Remember this is just the entry level content in endgame, everyone’s goal should be to able to clear M10 with a gold finish eventually.

Getting to that point does require constant iterative improvements in our own game play.

Benevolent Dictatorship vs. Democracy - Group Leadership

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There is typically an experienced veteran in each and every group that is posted. This is an individual whom I have personally grouped with and I certify knows the general successful strategies we know well enough that they should be capable of communicating those strategies and helping others execute them.

While solutions should be reached together, the veteran lead has the final say and should be fully respected as the final decision.

If you have a problem with a group leader please contact me directly.

Requirements to Participate

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  • 570 Gear Score minimum to signup for Group Choice events and 602 for Mutators.
  • Please be familiar and comfortable in the build and role you signup to fulfill. These events are NOT here to experiment or test a new build or gear setup. Use PUGs for your genuine pigs.
  • DO NOT come to one of these events and use a weapon that you don’t have fully mastered. You can level a weapon in a few hours multiple places. Do it on your own time.
  • Healers are expected to be running the Blessed perk on their Life Staff. If you don’t have a life staff with blessed your not a healer. +20% Healing is necessary to heal this level of content.
  • Tanks are expected to have Teir 5 Carnelian Gems, DPS are expected to NOT have Carnelian Gems in their weapons.
  • Everyone should have full tier 5 gems in every piece of equipment they are wearing.
  • If you elect to run a mutator, you are expected to re gem your entire armor set to the appropriate magic resist for the given mutation.
  • Having a functional microphone and the ability to be in Discord during these events is a non-negotiable. You will not be take on these events if your discord is not working. You will be replaced if its found your not able to actively respond to instructions provided on discord by your group leaders.
  • Your expected to use the highest quality of consumables available. If your group is failing and your skimping - you and I will have a talk and it wont be fun.

End Game Best Practices

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Based on months of experience from many different players I offer the following suggestions to help improve your short and long term experience in New World if you want to climb the ladder in Expeditions and be able to do high level mutations.

  • Learn the Mechanics - Gear will only get you so far eventually your mechanics are the only thing that are going to keep you alive. Even if you follow the rest of these suggestions if you don’t learn mechanics early and execute them by the time you hit mid level mutators you’ll be back to dying regularly. The other suggestions here keep you alive from unavoidable mechanics. Avoidable mechanics become so painful that failure to avoid them will kill you 95% of the time.

  • Ward Gear - starting at level 60 save all Corrupted, Angry Earth, Lost, and Ancient ward gear that you find regardless of perks and attributes. Ideally, you want a complete ward set for EACH ward type built around a specific build you want to perform in expeditions that have that creature type. Wards are by and far the most valuable PVE perk you can have as a Tank or DPS. The folks running M7+ have 6-10 sets of gear they have built up. That is what lets them do those higher mutations. Ideally you want the right attributes and armor weight you are shooting for w/ a ward and a weapon perk for one of the two weapons you use. You can ignore third perks. Epics are good enough. You don’t need legendries. If you see legendries look for perks that make sense with your build but those are bonus and not needed.

  • Daily Gypsum - Do your solo Gypsum EVERY SINGLE DAY. Emerald, Obsidian, Diamond, Topaz, Faction Orbs - AGS has significantly made it easier to ramp up your gear score with umbral shards over what it used to be. Your missing out if you aren’t making this part of your regular daily schedule.


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Mechanics are mentioned multiple times on this wiki. Its to reinforce just how important getting good at mechanics is required in mutations in New World. You can’t fudge mechanics.

  • Most expeditions are mechanics centric. Having exceptionally higher gear score than the recommended in some situations may allow you to slip by on regulars but as you advance in mutations unsound mechanics will cause wipes and will cause frustration from your peers. Please work on addressing fundamental mechanics outside expeditions.
    • Know how and when to block or dodge.
      • Blocking an attack costs stamina but can allow you to avoid taking fatal damage. it’s most useful when your the tank but also when your dps and maybe rooted or stuck in place.
      • Dodging not only moves your body a bit or big bit - your physically invulnerable to damage for a few frames of the animation. Getting good at using the ability allows you to dodge through attacks without suffering any stamina or health damage. Dodges consume stamina but some attacks are so devastating they can hit you through a block.
    • Have keybinds configured in a way you can easily perform these features.
  • Being able to see and manage not only your own debuffs, buffs, but also the enemies is also a critical skill. Bosses like Cilla require times coordination and everyone needs to be able to watch boss buffs and react accordingly. You can’t rely on others to call things out, its your responsibility to be able to do this for yourself.

Consumable Expectations

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There is a very broad range of consumables to consider and have.

  • Buffs you should have on your at all times
    • Weapon coatings on at least your primary weapon. This is weapon specific you need to apply it to both weapons if you want it on both weapons. In most cases you only need it on one.
    • Honing stone. This is not weapon specific you only need 1 every 40m.
    • Incense. This is made by furnishers and causes blight and corruption lair effects to take longer to apply to you. So in genesis you will have longer to stand in blight before you get blighted. In Tempest you will be able to stand in corruption longer before taking corruption tick damage. This doesn’t reduce the damage per incident it increases the time between incidents.
    • Hearty Meals. You should always have this running for the health regen. You also can use these to heal during combat between direct damage ticks - the initial burst health per second works through DOTs in New World. So its something to have on your toolbar and use like a regen potion. Cheapest health regen consumable!
    • +40 attribute food.
    • Energizing Meals. If you are a mana user, use these after you use hearty meals and they stack you get both health and mana regeneration.
  • Consumables to slot on your health bar
    • Infused Health Potion
    • Infused Regeneration Potion - regenerates mana too!
    • Hearty meal. See above.
    • Rotate based on the fight:
      • Ward Potions - either magic based or creature based. I prefer creature based.
      • Gem Dust for magic resistance
      • Oakflesh Balm for physical resistance

Expedition Information

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Expedition Creature Type Territory Common Damage Types
Barnacles and Black Powder Lost TBD TBD
Depths Corrupted Restless Shore Void
Dynasty Corrupted Ebonscale Void and Physical
Genesis Angry Earth Edengrove Nature and Physical
Lazarus Ancients Reekwater Void and Physical
Tempest Heart Corrupted Shattered Mountains Void, Fire and Physical


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All expedition events that I organize are by signup and groups are organized by myself usually several hours to a day in advance. Signup at least 24 hours before an event to ensure your considered for initial group setup. Sometimes we have enough standby at the last minute to create a viable group it depends. Standby players are expected to show up and be available.

I use a system called suicide kings to determine who will be put on standby when we have more signups that necessary. This is all tracked and visible to everyone else in a post on the forums.

I reserve the right to ignore the list when it is necessary to create functional groups but historically 90% of the time you’ll see i work straight off the SK List.

The easiest way to think about the SK list is everyone takes turns sitting. You don’t lose your place when you don’t signup. So if you were next to sit, you don’t signup, the next time you do finally show up, you’ll be sat. Your sit to participate ratio will be consistent with everyone else in the guild.

Signups are posted on discord in the #events channel prior to Wednesday of each week. You signup by following the instructions on the infographic instructing you to react to that message in discord. I can not see who signs up when after the fact, this is why I use the SK list for selecting standby.

Lastly, if you signup as standby that means you want to be on standby if your not needed. That means you will always be on standby first if standby is generated for a weeks signups. If you don’t want to be on standby don’t signup as standby.

Discord Settings

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If your discord settings are not configured correctly you will see text links instead of images and you may not even see the emoji reactions to text messages.

In the lower left corner of discord you should see a gear icon to access your user settings. Click it. In the left column find the “Text & Images” option under “App Settings”. Click It. This should load the “Text & Images” section to the right. Under “Display Images, Videos, and Lolcats”. Make sure that “When Posted as links to chat”, “When uploaded directly to Discord” are both checked and set to enabled. This would be shown by a green checkbox. Also make sure that Show embeds and preview website links pased into chat is enabled as well as show emoji reactions on messages.

If your still having isuses with our signups after these changes please contact me.


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Each weapon’s damage has an associated damage type. Different creatures have different damage resistances and weaknesses. At the extremes this can cause a creature to resist as much as 40% damage and can cause them to take as much as 30% more damage. This is a significant swing in damage potential.

As a general rule of thumb if a creature is resistant to a physical damage type if you gem to convert 50% of that weapons damage to the magic damage type the creature is weak to, you will negate the penalty and be dealing standard damage. This isn’t as effective with magical weapons.


  • An ancient enemy takes 15% less slash damage but takes 30% more lightening. If you convert half the slash damage to lightening your doing normal damage.
  • An ancient enemy takes 40% less damage from a fire damage but takes 30% more lightening damage. if you gem the fire staff to convert 50% of the fire damage to lightening you still deal 10% less damage than normal. Better than 40% less than normal but still less than ideal.

It’s highly recommended for intelligence casters to have multiple magic weapons available to swap for optimized damage output. Fire Staff, Ice Gauntlet, and Void Gauntlet are all great DPS weapons on creatures that aren’t resistant to their damage type.

Lastly, “bane” perks for the specific creature type you will be facing is also a reasonable way to offset penalties your weapon type may have against a specific creature type. I won’t ask you to min/max to the perfect weapon combination but I do ask that your weapons do standard or better damage when participating in mutations. It’s incredibly important for achieving better finish times for better rewards.

Please note that outside the guild, except in very specific circumstances in the current meta intelligence casters in general are frowned upon in mutations. Talk with folks running M6+ for more information on this tidbit.


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Lazarus Instrumentality Full Dungeon Guide
Garden of Genesis Full Dungeon Guide
Genesis Mutation: How to get Gold Finish
Tempest Heart: Neishatun Guide
Tempest Heart Walkthrough Written Guide

Faction Quests

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Each expedition has at least 3 different faction missions that you can complete while running them. Faction missions provide a gold reward but most importantly faction tokens. If you make a habit of checking faction missions each time you are in the area and ensure you have one or two every time you run an expedition you can save a lot of time and make it easy to have the tokens you need to buy tuning orbs from the faction vendors!

Tip: Pickup the full 3 missions even if some aren’t the ones you want. Wait 5 minutes, or the next time you come back the missions will have refreshed. Open the mission window and drop the missions that aren’t for expeditions and the refreshed missions will show up, pick them up. Having missions in your log encourages the refreshed missions to be different! If you drop them before they refresh you often get the same missions back.


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The weekend expeditions conducted by signup are done under the pretense of being an unofficial member organized event. These rules are set and moderated by me. Don’t like them, don’t sign up. I try VERY hard to make these groups as inclusive as possible. People who have ran these for months will tell you I usually slot myself in what many will perceive to be the most inexperienced group. I try to be patient, walk people through all the information they need to know and let them have fun. At the same time, I won’t standby and let individuals be the cause of repeated wipes wasting everyone’s time. The goal is to have fun, learn and finish expeditions. Continued failure after reasonable coaching and practice is not something that is acceptable if you want to continue to be slotted for events.

I also reserve the right to amend, change, or abolish any part of this boilerplate at my discretion without notice as needed to effectively run these events.
5/12/2022 - Added discord setting section for people having issues seeing emoji reactions.


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4/23/2022 - Added the “Optional Standby” section applicable to the standby list.
4/23/2022 - Added the “Discretion and Special Circumstances” section applicable to the standby list.
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8/5/2022 - Reformatted entire wiki page to use the expandable content tags to make it easier to find information. Reworded and changed emphasis of certain areas. Updated with new vetted knowledge from guild members running M10 Golds consistently. Removed references to mutation tuning orbs that do not exist anymore. Updated requirement gear scores to compensate for how easy it has become to raise expertise and gear score to encourage more self progression outside expeditions. Added a best practices section for suggestions that are not requirements.