So if you bought into this way back when

Can you still join in the fun now?

I backed this game ages ago, then it shut down for a while. Now I see a bit of momentum behind it again and would love to come check it out.
Is it possible to recover my old account and how difficult will it be to get involved again?

Put in a support ticket on the website to recover your old account.

Now is a great time to get involved. The new developers are rebuilding the game and are looking for everyone’s input on this. All systems are changing or getting a look over.

The game did not have a very good foundation code wise. So they are still working behind the scene’s to bring it up to date. This has caused some delays recently. Everyone, including the devs are frustrated about the delay. It happens and they are working through it. The live game is about 3 engine updates behind and its causing some issues when they try to do any patching. Hopefully they get this resolved soon so we can get on a regular patch schedule. Player population is really low at the moment because everyone is waiting for the updates to start rolling out.

Check out the forums for all of the latest pictures and information on what is planned and the layout for the future.

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Ooh thanks for this, I loved this game before it shut down. I will have to check it out again.