Showing my age?

So, this may be showing my age or maybe I am just ignorant of this terminology… but, I’ve been seeing the terms “Waifu” and “Trap” used in in-game chat. Can someone explain what they mean? LOL :thinking::sunglasses:

Can’t speak to “trap” without more context, but read “waifu” as “wife” and think with a heavy Japanese accent, and you’ve about got it. It’s female fictional character someone crushes on, hard. It grew out of anime fan culture. More nuanced:

A female fictional character typically from an anime/manga, or video games, that one is romantically and/or sexually attracted to, and considers a significant other, mainly their ‘wife’.

You can google it without fear, for the most part. :slight_smile:

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Presuming context of “trap” from its inclusion with “waifu” (which Mossy covered)… How to put this diplomatically.

Say you’re a guy, at a bar, and this incredibly hot woman takes an interest in you. Like, way outta your league. And advances are accepted. Ya head off for some private time. Things get hot and heavy, but that woman is sayyyy, 90% woman and 10% guy on the 10% that defines being a guy.

That’s a trap.

There’s more nuance to it. IE, you might be thinking, “OK, so, transsexual, transvestite, drag queen?” Nooooot really. Drag is drag, trans is trans, Frankenfurter is Frankenfurter and traps are traps.

The term was popularized by the meme/question, “Are traps gay?” Which is a double question. Are the traps themselves gay and also would any guy having sex with a trap be considered gay.


“In anime culture, a male crossdresser whose cross-dressing so convincing that he’s often mistaken for a real girl .”

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@mosselyn Lol… too funny. Ok was never much in to anime, so that would explain my lack of knowledge. Thank you for the info.:slightly_smiling_face:

@Greyed Wholly smoke!:laughing: Ok, I get it. Thank you !

Thank you for response, totally understand “trap” now :wink:

Well, waifu I knew, thank you DragonCon, but not trap.
Thank you!

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