Share Origin Access with a friend - Free Basic 7 days of Basic Origin

I have 4 of these up for grabs if anyone wants to try origin access to try out Anthem for 10 hours.

Squad up with your buddies in Anthem and Battlefield V. Don’t take on the enemy alone - up to 4 of your friends can redeem invitations to try Origin Access Basic for 7 days. With a Basic membership, they can charge into battle for 10 full hours. Invite your friends to join you in the fight today!

*Offer valid for new Origin Access members only

Along with Kasen I also have 4 invites available

I would like to give Anthem a test run. Reviews coming in are very mixed so would like to judge for myself. Let me know if anyone has invites still available.


What’s your origin name and I’ll send you an invite

Hi Kasen… Origin name is Mutterbox.


ok sent you the link enjoy :smiley: