Server xfer worked for me ... and Hello by the way

Just wanted to introduce myself to everyone real quick. I’m Hjalbringr and I used to be the guild leader for The Heroic Dead (Character name was Sablehawk at the time). I’ve adventured with some of you in the past.

I just did a server xfer today and as I’m on the same server as you guys and gals I thought it would be a good time to say hi. I must say I’m already enjoying it. Sure nice to be on a server with a good faction base. My old server had just one purple area and boy did it suck. The server xfer worked really smoothly and took less than 5 minutes to fully complete so looks like Amazon did a good job on it.

Hope to see you soon.


Hello and welcome. Glad you made it over!

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Sweet!!.. And Welcome.

Glad it was an easy process. Welcome to the server.