Seeking 5e dnd campaign

I have a fairly flexible schedule. I’m looking for an adult group that is active one night/day weekly or every other week. Interested in playing with some expansion books too but I’m OK with vanilla as well. Happy to join an already active group or joining up with a new campaign. I have a preference for casters however am more than happy to adjust for the group or story elements, and or take over a character. PM me or hit me up on discord. Thanks. Edit, pst timezone

edit 2 I would also like to note that I’m not interested in being recorded during the sessions in any form, e.g. dm streams to twitch or a member is recording the session to upload to youtube etc. I value my privacy and I’m not interested in my free time being exploited for profit.

Love the Chart bro. Been missing playing DnD the last few months as well.

im always CG.