Scammers now trying to impersonate McAfee to get your info

I recently received one of these phishing emails and then this morning I got this alert in my email from my Consumers Affairs newsletter notifying me of this new scam. There have been recent ones from Aetna Medicare and just last week I got one from a financial company called Capitol One (they misspelled Capital).

Usually those phishing emails are pretty easy to spot and identify, but I have to admit this last one was pretty well put together. What I spotted that gave it away was the email address it came from. Also the link contained were really odd looking.

But I’m sure I’m preaching to the choir with all of you. Just thought it was interesting that my newsletter actually alerted me to this one so I wanted to share this info.


Yeah, that’s my go-to. Check the email address. I laughed when they said my McAfee sub was expiring. I haven’t used them in years and years.

And it never hurts to remind us. It’s easy to be going fast and not pay attention, even us. :slight_smile:

Man, somebody should tell these scammers that McAfee isn’t the best choice to use as an attempted hook…on second thought, maybe don’t tell them. :smirk:

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Its probably their form of advertisement… :rofl:

I have given up on 3rd party virus scanners in general. Most are now also considered an attack vector used by hackers. For me, on Windows, I rely on Defender which has served me well so far.

yes…it seems to be a decent blocker

Mcafee stinger was the best way to clean out an infected sysyem , it was a standalone package that didnt need installed, it was free, it would run off a usb stick and mostly allowed you to boot the machine to at least safe mode . Strangly enough it is still available today and by all accounts is as good as ever. Still not an anti virus as such but will kill off most infections allowing a heavily infected machine to be started up. Sadly there is only a trial version and a subscription model now.
It was an invaluable tool for managing school assets which the little darlings had managed to infect to the max :smiley:

That’s probably the very reasons why these scammers chose it to phish with.

I have been getting these for years it seems like. They don’t know I get McAfee free with my Cox.

I don’t even use McAfee. Its like getting calls to have my pc fixed by MS when I did not purchase it from them. These scammers will try anything.

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