SC in news for wrong reasons :(

I don’t need a refund but still, changing past terms? (I am a backer, looking forward to game)

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I saw this one as well:

These people don’t understand how the courts work. Every time they try and fail like this, they set a precedent. Every precedent is another brick in the wall when the game launches. “Your honor, courts in every state and nation in the world have dismissed these cases, why is this one any different?”

DS has also chimed in, because someone invoked his name 3 times.

LOL, OMFG! I read a few different gaming news, this is covered on all of them, and DS has chimed in on ALL of them, saying “I warned you!” The mean has no shame, it’s amazing.

I have no intention of getting a refund so I didn’t bother with the article.

Anyone have a TLDR for me?

Them: “I want my money back”
CIG: “Read your EULA, you have 14 days to get a refund.”
Them: “But, but, but, I’m sad!”
Judge: “Law’s the law, dismissed without prejudice.”

DSmart: “I told you losers!”


You have mentioned him 3 times

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The case was sent to arbitration, not dismissed.

Was so close to dumping money in to this. Glad I did not.

IANAL, so the distinction is lost on me. I know that it went to arbitration because that’s in CIG’s new EULA/TOS, according to the article, " It was dismissed by the judge and sent to arbitration as demanded by the current version of the Star Citizen TOS", and that the guy lost because “the judge declined to hear anything regarding the TOS’ “conscionability or lack of consideration”".

Is Derek S. like Beetlejuice? If you say his name three times, he appears in a magazine? What an attention w-hore that guy is… Sheesh.

I don’t want any refund and I’m invested more than most. I do wonder how much of the crowdfunding is sitting in the Bank somewhere and how much they already spent. More curious than anything else.

I see, by the separate thread, that they are coming out with a medical ship; not a medium since we have the Cutlass red. So, a beginner ship or a really large hospital ship…? So, are they having this sale because they need to, because they want to deposit more money or because they want to because they are greedy. I don’t think that greedy is necessarily contrary to getting the game developed and released. I’m not a conspiracy, tin foil hat, pyramid scheme guy. But I do wonder sometimes at the frequency of the sales and I do get curious.

Why is that?

We typically get one concept a month. Has been that way for quite some time.

The ships that are concept sales have been in development for months before we see anything about them, so it isn’t like they sell things as a reaction to something in the media.

The medical ship will be a starter profession ship, like the other concepts we have seen recently.

They announced some time back that there would be many of these coming over the year and that no further combat ships were slated for concept release in 2018

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Thanks Simdor for the explanation.

Too much complaining from backers. Plus, I would not have liked to wait so long for a finished game.

Most of the complaining is from non-backers, honestly. People who hate that the game might be successful, or hate that it won’t be what they want, but either haven’t put money in, or put a little in just so they could feel “entitled” to bitch about it.

Well, I think there are absolutely people who picked up a starter package with the sole point of complaining about it. But, we have to be careful about segregating out the people who have very little invested.

Even though they only have a starter pack, they still have as much of a voice as the rest of us whales.

I don’t think that your intention was to belittle anyone at all, I just don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea about the people in this forum who have put a lot of money into the game.

Don’t get me wrong, I like being proved wrong. I always hope a game gets created and makes its player base happy with the end product. I still hope it turns out to be an amazing game and I end up regretting NOT pledging money towards it completion.

Meh, maybe :slight_smile: It’ll be a game, and a lot of people will like it. A lot of people will hate it. Just like every other game ever made :slight_smile: This one will just be more loudly publicized, either way :stuck_out_tongue:

I never backed it, but at this point I hope people do get the game they paid for. The fact that it’s been 4 years and it’s still in alpha doesn’t bode well.