Rust - Private Server

HI all!

I picked up Rust on the Steam sale this summer and decided to setup my own server. It was no fun playing on the official servers with all the gankers, kids and people who were constantly chasing me down just because my character is black! I mean honestly it was stupid. (If you don’t know, your player character is defined by the client and you can’t change it without doing some command line gymnastics)

Anyway, if you want to play on a game similar to ARK and Conan but without dinosaurs or ancient gods feel free to visit

If you message me on here I can hook you up with some goodies on the server.


Nice! I’ve put some time into it. Dove right into the pvp experience when I first started out, and encountering other people for the first time definitely gets the heart pounding. I eventually gave up on the pvp experience cause I got tired of losing all my hard earned stuff to a bunch of… well you know. So I kind of prefer a more relaxed pve environment (though in some cases you can still get raided).

One guy I made friends with had mentioned the whole not being able to choose your own character was a sort of social experiment. Not sure how true that is, but it is totally feasible.

I have been following development of this game for a while. Even though I don’t play it as much nowadays, I like to fire it up and check out the new stuff.

Yeah, that’s what I hated too, now when I die it is because of my own stupidity, or I can use the /kit system to get some of my gear back.