Roll Call!

Please post your Family Name and Character Name(s) - also Discord Name if you use it - and your Fame Code (for free stuff woot) in the format below (to make copy/paste easier). I’ll update the original post with your information. Thanks!

  • @RanterX: Etcetera / Paragon, Wasp, Raider / RanterX#0143 / 947OHXLI6I5I
  • @Tink: OTGTink / Tink / Tink#0440
  • @NightHammer: HammerClan / DawnHammer / Dawn_Hammer#5743 / 62T4BYEC3YZ1
  • @KatMoonViper: MoonViper / Katianah / KatMoonViper#7383
  • @Dez: Tattersail / Relli / 62T4BYEC4XOM
  • @Drizzey: Drizzey / Anaplekte / Drizzey#5713 / 947OHXLI6KQN
  • @Gemza: Nebelhardt / Gemrian / NICKYVONSTER#3963 / 1IPA2ZLL2D95
  • @Keegen: Keegenson / Shazira, Weebit, Quynn / Keegen#8976 / 1IPA2ZLL3L71
  • @Kaosh: Kaosh / 8CV1GFSPOFRT
  • @PrincessShema: Teknon / PrincesShema / Lynda(PrincessShema)#0976
  • @XIIOIV: XIIOIV / MistressBlue / XIIOIV#0305 / 5BGHAGLJNWVE
  • @FreezerBurn: Brandyvein/ Meliko / FreezerBurn#4268 / 8CV1GFSPNTLU
  • @Jadaboy: Darkbladez / Zandredd Jadaboy / 7LIEEXZX6ER7
  • @Firedawg: Firedawg / ItsJoustMe
  • @whiprsnapr: whiprsnapr / MadameWhipr / whiprsnapr#9304 / 3SR77GZYLWJW
  • @Stormforce: Bloodied / Lilly
  • @Witchy1: Witchy 1/ Gaia/ 31EK5Z76391Q
  • @Eagle995: urdain / Lancia and Nirvanna / BE9LMEZVSOCG
  • @TylerZero: TylerZero / TylersSorc / tyler#2972 / 947OHXLI9U7Z
  • @selvetarm: Xyron-Reeka / kiransalee, Aeris / blackthantos#1854

OTGTink/Tink (Tink#0440)

HammerClan/ DawnHammer (Dawn_Hammer#5743)

MoonViper / Katianah (KatMoonViper#7383)

Tattersail / Relli …couldn’t find the bit in parenthesis…

Drizzey/Anaplekte (Drizzey#5713)
Fame Code: 947OHXLI6KQN

Good idea re the fame code (you get free stuff from other people). Will add it for anyone who wants it included!

HammerClan (noted above in thread) 62T4BYEC3YZ1 BUMMER We can only do once a day I think?

  • Nebelhardt / Gemrian (NICKYVONSTER#3963) - 1IPA2ZLL2D95

Where can I find the codes?

Go to Social then Adventurer’s Fame (on the right) and then on the left is your Fame Code as well as the button to enter other peoples codes. :+1:

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Keegenson / Shazira, Weebit, Quynn (Keegen#8976) - 1IPA2ZLL3L71

You didn’t include other info… did you not want it posted?

My Fame Code 62T4BYEC4XOM

I’ll start entering some, thanks all!

Let me know if mine works. I can’t tell the “l” and the “1” apart lol

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Yours was the first I did. They are a Capital O as in Ostrich, and I as in 'Insane to use all these hard to tell apart capital letters that look like numbers ’

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LOL thank you for that vivid explanation. :smiley:

Let me know if any others need corrections. THANKS!

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Teknon/ PrincesShema ( Lynda/PrincessShema#9076 ) Family Fame #1326

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Hi @PrincessShema this doesn’t look right. Can you check again?

The code is located in Social > Adventurer’s Fame on the left side under “My Fame Code”.

Also I don’t see an app from you. Please post one at the link below.