Where is everyone on repopulation? Just made it off the newbie island . Landed in freedom town

Isn’t the game still in an alpha state? It came out in 2014 and it’s not done much. It’s pretty much a dead game at this point.

Oh wow no wonder there’s nobody around. Guess I’ll have to wait for new world to meet everyone in game

I read MassivelyOP and they still report on the developer making updates to the game, but it remains in an alpha state - as they write it. Honestly, with all of the MMOs that everyone here plays, I don’t know how anyone can play more than 1-2 at a time. However, The Repopulation looks like an interesting sandbox game - if that’s your thing.

It’s not bad but I’m clumsy in it. I’m use to playing DAOC. I’ve tinkered in ESO but never found a guild. I can’t really afford a monthly subscription atm soo I ended up in Repopulation. But hubby ordered New World so I’m looking forward to it

If you’re looking for a MMO without a subscription requirement you can look at The Elder Scrolls Online, Final Fantasy IV, Neverwinter, Star Trek Online and even Guild Wars 2. None of those require any sort of monthly subscription. There are more games like that too, but those are the ones that comes to mind. Oh! There’s also Star Wars The Old Republic, that doesn’t require a monthly subscription to play either.

Link: The Repopulation says it’s been ‘quite the adventure’ as it gives a fall development roadmap | Massively Overpowered

Here’s the latest article on The Repopulation my MassivelyOP.

I liked ESO but didn’t know how to do the points or get in a guild. Got frustrated. I guess I wasn’t hardcore enough? How would I find any of you all in any game?

Just looked abit at neverwinter and liked what I’ve seen. Elves dragons and rangers :two_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

There is an ESO subforum. I’m pretty sure you have to put in a request there. Speak with one of the ESO officers for more information.

Once your membership application process is complete and you’re a member, you’ll be able to see the private sections of the forums. That’s where you’ll find information about joining the various chapters.

Oh! I didn’t notice that Bluebear wasn’t a member. Hopefully he’ll see this and rectify it.

I’m looking forward to becoming a member :two_hearts:

When you all were in Repopulation what faction did you play? OWON or FPR?