Recommend a Tablet or Laptop for a Teen?

I’m looking for recommendations on either a tablet (with keyboard) or a lightweight laptop to be used for grade 8 through high school . It’s mainly for school work but I am loathe to get a “netbook” with no storage, mandatory internet connection, and slow startup. Budget is under $1K Canadian dollars.

Of course, there’s a ton of “recommendations” and reviews on the net but I value the real-life experience of OTG folks here.



My daughter was required to use an iPad in high school (US grades 9-12) to submit homework, correspondence with groups and teachers, take notes, receive syllabi, amongst other things. I think the school was trying to eliminate cheating and keep control over handouts and study materials. The school iPad also prevented students from logging into unapproved websites.

When she was at home, she used a her personal laptop to write papers, work on homework, and a slew of other things. She would always work with multiple windows open and sometimes hooked her laptop up to a larger computer screen for even more multi-tasking. Now, in college, she uses her laptop exclusively, again with a larger screen on her desk. She finds that you can do more on a laptop than you can on an iPad (she even tried a Chromebook and liked it even less).

Hope this helps. Mid

Ps… She said that if she had a choice in high school, she would not have used the iPad at all.

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Thanks for your insights Mid! Yes, I’m not an apple fan and am thinking a laptop is the way to go… more longevity hopefully.


Im not sure on pricing there in Canada, but I would look at the Surface Laptop/Tablets. I have had one and used others, and they work well. You get the best of the tablet and function of laptop. Here is a link

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Yes, those do look good. I will need to figure out which config will keep us within budget. Thanks for the recommendation!