POLL - Server Type and Server Arrangement for WoW Classic


Due to a range of interests we are running this poll to get your feedback! Please pick the kind of server you are most interested in playing on. - Thanks!

  • PvE Server
  • PvP Server
  • RP Server

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Now that we know what kind of server you are interested in, please help us decide if Horde and Alliance should be on separate servers, or on the same shared server!

  • Horde and Alliance on SEPARATE Servers.
  • Horde and Alliance on SAME Server.

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Thank you for your feedback!

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Let me know if you have any trouble with the poll itself.

Note 1: if you don’t care one way or the other just don’t respond to the poll you don’t care about :slight_smile:

Note 2: The RP sever is a RP-PvE server. There is currently no RP-PvP server planned.


You could have added a choice for Alliance-RP and Horde-PVE on different servers… not that I would have voted for it, but it could be a way for everyone to get something they want. :grin:

I actually wanted to vote for RP-PvE, but since that wasn’t available, I went for PvE because I can always RP there. :).

And if we’re on a PvE server, then having Horde and Alliance on the same server shouldn’t matter. But I can see people accusing us of cheating if we’ve got both factions on the same PvP server.

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The rp servers are pve. There is no rp-pvp available at launch. Pvp will happen often on pve servers as well. Yes, you have to flag, but it was always annoyingly easy to accidentally flag with heals or aoe. World pvp was always happening somewhere. I found it to he highly amusing. :yum:

I think rp can be fun, but regardless of my personal thoughts on it, the interest is generally not sustainable. But, that’s what this poll is for! Share your thoughts so the admin can make the most informed decisions for the chapter creation :grinning:


I share pretty much this same sentiment @Hashberry

@Chantillary and @juulz I responded to you via direct message. - Thanks for your feedback.

I’m torn on PvE vs. PvP, because I have good memories of open world PvP in vanilla, and horrible memories of it from Burning Crusade onwards.

I do think we should stick to the same server though. The idea of splitting servers was originally a thing to support PvP, to try and avoid accusations of cheating. However, that concept dates back to the days before voice chat was almost mandatory. NOW, in 2019, the argument doesn’t hold much weight, since if anyone really wants to do that, they just make a shadow guild for the other faction, and coordinate over voice chat.

There are benefits to being on the same server, beyond just seeing each other logged in. Wouldn’t it be fun to organize an OTG Alliance vs. OTG Horde battle, where both guilds agree to meet at some specific place in the game world and try to “capture” territory? A virtual king-of-the-hill contest where everyone tries to hold some isolated hilltop for 15 minutes maybe.

Or just a footrace where both sides agree to NOT fight, but race through a bunch of contested zones and see which guild “wins” by being the first to reach the target? Nothing like that can happen if we split and divide ourselves across server boundaries.


Someone mentioned in another thread that if you do choose PvP servers if you want both sides they have to be on a different server. As on a PvP server you can only occupy one faction.

In that thread also, it seemed to be that this only applied to PvP servers having this restriction. I think back then it was to prevent spying on the other faction, basically was the thought. Although there was still spies but it did reduce the number of them.

The main problem with having horde and alliance on the same server is that you’re limited to 10 character slots (or was that 9 in vanilla?), so you wouldn’t be able to make one alt of each class on both sides.


I will be playing on a PvP Server. :slight_smile: This only way to play Classic IMHO.

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World PvP was fun in vanilla WoW. Sometimes I just want to get on an alt and be left alone to relax and I can’t do that on a PvP server and stay guided. If there is great interest in PvP maybe put one faction on a PVE server and the other on a PvP server?

I think there was mention of a possible pvp chapter seperate from the hoard/alliance pve chapters. @Dewald am I remembering right?

I said we could try it if we could get someone to step up and lead it. So far, no volunteers.

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Amazing guys! 50 votes! – Honestly, I had no idea that there would be this much, and this diverse of an interest in WoW Classic!


I can’t remember how PvP was in Vanilla. I do remember playing a Priest and mind-controlling a Warrior who tried to gank me and repeatedly sending him into mobs. Lol, good times.

But, I’m just not a fan of gankfests, PvP just for the sake of ganking is boring for me. Now, world objectives on the other hand can be a blast. So, I’m all for PvP if it’s world/objective based, otherwise I can do without all the mindless ganking.

Also, I think I made a mistake with my vote on having Horde and Alliance on the same server. In Classic, are we going to be able to have toons on both sides on the same server? If so, I wouldn’t mind playing on the same server.

For PvE, you can be on the same server. However, we are limited to 10 characters per server, so that would mean for either faction. Would be limiting from an alt perspective.

For PvP, you cannot have toons on both factions on the same server (per account).

I have fond memories of world PvP, even when I got slaughtered over and over. I played mostly PvP servers back then. I’m a lot more casual now that I was back then, so it’ll be PvE for me this time around!


Here is the official word if anyone wants to read it themselves:


lol wasn’t paying close attention and voted the complete opposite of what I wanted. Should have been PvE not PvP and the same server. Fail.

Try changing your vote, I think you may be able to.