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love this so much being a cat lady


Well that’s better than:

We rub our butts and sell you cuts

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When I was a kid, momma and daddy used to have huge arguments over how to pronounce “Worcestershire Sauce”- a prime seasoning in our house. One of them insisted that it was pronounced “woooster-shear” and the other was adamant it was “war-chester-sh-eye-er”. Momma finally solved the issue by ordering everyone to “always buy the one in the paper wrapper”, and woe be to anyone who bought another brand. From that time forth, it was always referred to as “please pass me the Lea and Perrins”.

There was a similar battle over the pronunciation of “aluminum”, (“al-loo-min-ium” or “al-loom-min-num”), which was solved by always referring to it as “Reynold’s Wrap”.

The epic battle over how to pronounce “Gordon’s of Gloucester” was thankfully solved by the company placing an ad on TV with a catchy jingle for everyone’s edification. Guess we weren’t the only ones having issues with stuff like that.

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When I was in England they just said 'Woster." (In most dialects, the ‘r’ is pronounced so softly that, to an American ear, it is essentially absent - and they didn’t bother with the ‘county’ part of the name (shire) at all.)

Clearly saved hundreds of years of arguments. :smiley:

Shark food



And that redshirt will be the first to be killed off in that episode…you can count on it. They always killed off one or more of their characters that were on an away team.



And what appears to be an empty toilet paper tube from the Great 2020 Pandemic. Possibly obtained from Warehouse 13 as a power source.




Thanks for my daily laugh. If it were a real dungeon, it just might be worth it to get a couple of groups together for it.


Re: SEARS dungeon crawl

I’ve been trying to imagine what kind of monsters to expect. Undead Karens? Hordes of Black Friday Shoppers?

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You have to fight off hordes of undead shoppers that were trapped in the Sears when it closed and never made it out.


use to work for Sears

  1. Had another employee take a $7K sale of mine. All items had service plans of which you were required to maintain 9% of your sales in else in two months you were terminated. Spent 3 hours with the client and my paycheck was missing $500. As far as Sears was concerned they already paid someone for that sale.

  2. One of my managers like to be a guy’s guy and come up on your side punching you in the arm to initate a conversation.

  3. Store manager passes out the cupon book provided to from the marketing dept of the company. Without missing a breath threatens if anyone gives out these cupons you will be terminated tonight.

  4. Those in the sales departments (ie: appliances / electronics) were required to come in 2 hours, no matter if you were on the schedule or not, every Sunday before opening for a group activity centered on sale techniques the more successful people to teach the less successful. Oh, you didn’t clock in … you didn’t get paid for these 8 hours each month btw.

Good ole Sears lol

I worked at Sears briefly as a stockroom worker, I was told I’d get 30 hours plus as a part time employee. The first week I got 32, the second week I got 9, the third week they tried to give me 11 and I complained and they basically said you get what you get so I quit.