Out of the Abyss, Sunday mornings (not associated with the guild)*CLOSED*

Heya all. So I am taking part in a D&D 5e campaign for the Out of the Abyss adventure module. The DM is looking to take on one more player before we start so I just putting it out there if anyone might be interested. Session Zero is going to take place either next Sunday (January 29th) or the following Sunday. The DM just announced this a couple days ago so details are still be finalized and the DM prepping. The time has not been finalized yet, but it will be Sunday mornings starting most likely around 8 or 9am PST. Kinda early for those in the PST and CST zones I know, a bit easier on us EST folks. Out of the Abyss is set in the Forgotten Realms, but the DM is allowing Eberron stuff provided your character backstory frames Eberron content in Forgotten Realms well.

If anyone might be interested in this PM me and I’ll touch base with you.

I could probably work with that time frame if you still need another. Is it part of the current Friday group or a different one?

Surter, Six and I are playing in this group. I think there is another person who I have not met yet and the DM is new to me, but he sounds enthusiastic. The DM is looking to have this campaign have a bit more roleplaying from the players than say the Saltmarsh campaign or Rando’s campaign.

Works for me. Will have to look at the Eberron stuff to see if there is anything interesting (or just ask Suter what OP class to play :wink:)

I’ll clear it with the DM and let you know when I hear back from him.

He said it is cool so I’ll shoot you an invite on Discord here.