OTG Keeper League (Fantasy Football) 8th season

With the 2018 NFL season about to begin I’m here to announce an opening in the OTG Keeper League over on fleaflicker.com This is already our 8th year as a competitive and fun league, wow time flies! Our draft will be on 09/02/18 at 09pm EDT so there isn’t a whole lot of time to get in before the draft so don’t think about it too long!

In addition to the 1 open spot we have we’d also be interested in creating a wait list should there be more than 1 interested person. We’ll give the 1 spot on first come first serve and go from there.

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I created an account. What is the name of the league?

Glad to hear from you Nightpyre. Please PM me your email and I’ll send you an invitation.

Welcome to the league Nightpyre. We’re glad to have you join us.

Just because the last spot is filled it doesn’t mean there can’t be a place for YOU! If your’e reading this and interested in joining us please do leave a message. We’ll get you on the wait list to offer the next available spot if someone leaves this year or in the offseason.

looks like it let me take a spot already.

OTG’s Stankeball Keeper League has another spot to fill for the upcoming 2021/22 season.

It’s been three years since we’ve had an opening so this is your golden opportunity to get in with the old kids at the table.

And if you like fantasy football but don’t want to risk your retirement funds, our beloved Stankeball league is 110% free to play!

We play on fleaflicker and I am not the commissioner but he encourages me to spam a lot of goodness so feel free to post here and we’ll wake him up from his offseason nap.