OTG Expertise Request: Recliner Suggestions

Hi folks,

Do any of you have a recliner that you love? Would you be willing to share your secret? Let me know!

I bought a cheap one from Amazon (free shipping on furniture, you know). That has not worked out as well as hoped.

The ideal recliner would be good for lounging while also having enough support to watch TV without neck strain. A good setup for relaxed gaming would be a plus too. If this sounds like your situation, I am interested to find out how you’ve won the game of life.



I bought a Rocker/recliner that has heat and massage chair from;
Ashley Furniture HomeStore
but that was a year and a half ago do not remember the brand name.
I’m sitting in it and use as my computer chair. :thinking:

That’s a good sign – that you’re sitting in it a year and a half later :slight_smile:

Thanks! We’ve got an Ashley store in the next town over, so I’ll do some digging.

A month late but here’s mine. Mission style recliner - the flat arms are great for mice, peripherals, and drinks!

That was from 2012 when I bought it. This is 2020…still holding up

Got it at Macy’s - forget the brand but it was about $500
Comfy, sturdy, durable. I did have the seat cushion re-stuffed with a more durable foam after about 6 years. Gamers are notoriously harsh on chairs - so the priciness up front has been well worth it.
This is the closest I could find - but that’s leather. I got a cloth covering - you don’t stick to cloth(well you could, but somethings really wrong if you do)

Thanks, @Myth!

I’m still on the hunt for a new chair, so this is super-helpful. :slight_smile:

Some of these look pretty dope:


I’ve been buying La-Z-Boy recliners for literally decades. They’ve become ridiculously expensive, though. I will say they hold up well. I’ve never had one break, and the upholstery stills looks good after several years. La-Z-Boy offers a wide variety of chair styles, too.

There’s really no substitute for going to the store and parking your fanny in models, though. I’d never buy one online without sitting in it first, no matter who makes it.

Thanks, @revzman and @mosselyn!

I looked at a bunch of La-Z-Boy models online. We’ve got a store not too far from here, but I haven’t gone to check them out yet in-person. With your recommendation, I’ll definitely make the trip.

My first attempt was a fairly cheap one from Amazon. I figured the low price and free delivery was worth a shot. My back and neck disagree. :slight_smile:

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Thanks again, folks!

A La-Z-Boy is officially scheduled to arrive on the 24th. Just in time for a few days off. :slight_smile: