Origin Premiere membership then buy game?

Anyone know what happens to your account toons if you sign up for the $15 Premier membership and then a month or two later buy the game? Will you still have access to your same toons/builds that you had in the Premiere and if yes then do you also get to keep the extra items received with the Premiere membership? I would like to get early access but don’t want to be locked into the monthly fee as I don’t play other Origin games.

One way or another…will see you all in game.

That has been my experience with Star Wars: Battlefront II. I played the time limited demo, on my basic account, bought the game a couple months later, and everything was as I left it. That being said, not 100% it is the same for this particular game.

From what I understand, you need to buy the Legion of Dawn edition if you want to keep the skins etc from the Origin Premier version, but everything else should stay.

Great…Thanks for the info Kaydus!