Ordered All of the Pathfinder Second Edition Stuff

Hey all!

This is my first post in this category.

I recently went on Amazon and ordered all of the Second Edition Pathfinder rule books (not the adventures). I am looking to learn how to play if anyone is running anything, maybe once per week, or every other week.


@Finbar. Hi Fin, I had no idea that Pathfinders went virtual. I would love to learn how to play this game, so if you need another body, count me in. I saw the 2nd edition core rule book in a restaurant the other day, but have no idea of the changes or what’s involved.

We have a pretty large Pathfinders/Starfinders gaming group here in Austin, but they play into the wee hours (wee to me) on school nights and I had a hard time staying up to play the entire chapter (adventure). This was a couple of years ago, and I don’t remember much of it except that what I did play was fun, but maybe a bit overwhelming (a lot to learn and know).

All this to say, I’m interested. ~Mid

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I really want to play Starfinder, the space version of Pathfinder.

@ryukan It has apparently been well received. I would be willing to play either.

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