Oh heck! There goes the neighborhood!

Razor’s back!!!


WB…I think, or should we all hide? I’m hiding. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh I’m great! Just ask any old BDO guildies, and I’m sure as soon as they’re done crying, theyll also say I’m pretty darn…something.

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And any horrible stories that might be heard, that was all Tylily. Yep, all him. Every bit.

Welcome back! Missed you man. Yes youre pretty darn something and its allergies! Im not crying…

OMG…I read that title thinking this was something about the Razor mice or keyboards and wham…its an OTGr.

Welcome back… :grin:

I thought I heard the weeee-errrrrrrrr-weeeeee-errrrrrrr-weeee-errrrrrrrr sirens of OTG police go dopplering by in the night…

Slipped through the screening process again did you?