Now here's a neat trick

I’ve seen some pretty interesting things throughout my life time, but here is a totally unexpected and unique event.


I can attest to the vortex behind a big truck. Long ago while riding my motorcycle from Chicago to NY, I got caught in a severe downpour. The water was coming down so hard, I had to reduce my speed to about 50 mph on I80 due to hydroplaning of my front tire, which is no joke on a motorcycle. The real scary problem was that tractor trailers were going past me much faster and due to the air density, the vortexes coming off of them would literally grab my motorcycle, pull it into their lane and pick me up, until I got into the dead spot which my front tire was almost touching their rear bumper on the trailer. Then I would drop down, slow down, and get into the right lane again. Then another fast moving tractor trailer would go past me and pick me up again. I think that happened 4 or 5 times before I got to an underpass and just stopped there till the rain subsided and my heart beat. That is plenty scary to have no control. I also didn’t have rain gear so my leathers were soaked. The end of that trip was even worse. By the time I got to home, which that was over 800 mile trip in one day, I could barely move and was falling into hypothermia. My mother had to take my clothes off and put me in the bathtub with hot water. My bones felt like they were breaking the pain was so bad but I knew if I didn’t get my body temperature up I was going to die. That trip sucked. I was young, in the military at the time so I was in pretty good shape. Sure wouldn’t want to do that now or ever.