Non guild 5e D&D campaign looking for a couple players

Hello all, my D&D group is looking for a couple players that would want to join a digital tabletop campaign running the Descent Into Avernus adventure module. This is a non-guild group, there is a core group of three player and one DM and we have been playing a few different shorter campaigns together for a bit over a year now. We picked up a random person from the D&D Beyond forums and he seems like a good individual. My DM said we could take on another person or two as the campaign calls for 4-6 players and we have four so far. So far we have done one session for this campaign and that was session zero, we are starting the second session and the intro to the main campaign.

Our group meets Friday nights starting at 8:30 pm EST. Our sessions usually run at least 3 hours, we often play until midnight to 1am EST. This is a pretty steady group and we rarely miss a session. We’re a fairly casual group as some of us know each other pretty well; we don’t hard core roleplay, but we do mix in some roleplaying type stuff like doing voices and so forth.

We use my DM’s Discord channel for group chat and voice, and we use a combination of the D&D Beyond toolset/website and Tabletop Simulator for running the games.

If anyone is interested in giving this a go, hit me up in this thread and/or PM me for more details.