New World Starter Quest Guide

Use this guide to get up to the faction quest (and a little past it) so you can join the OTG company:


This will get you to the point where you can start the main quest line to get your staff. Here’s Taramil’s guide:

Main Staff Quest Guide - New World / New World Private - Old Timers Guild


and FYI after the Keep it Simple step where you craft a long sword, you will have enough left over to craft an Iron Pick or another melee too if you prefer.

my plan -

  1. pick up flint and green wood - craft a flint pick axe
  2. run to the iron nodes - mine 500 iron ore (just travelling and mining you get to level 4-5)
  3. come back to the beach and pick up at the beginning.
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Awesome guide, thanks for posting guys.

Well done, simple and direct.

Neat and will be very helpful.