New World PvP Tips and Tricks

While I won’t hold myself out as a PvP expert, I have done my fair share. Let’s use this thread to help each other “git gud” at PvP!


I will start with a few tips (mainly from a melee perspective):

  1. If you approach PvP in NW like you did in WoW, FFXIV or other tab target systems, you’re going to get killed PDQ. Dodge, block, movement and timing of your attacks are crucial to success.
  2. There should always be ONE person “calling the shots” in group PvP to designate targets.
  3. Don’t get overextended! Stay with your group and avoid the temptation to chase after a runner.
  4. PRACTICE!!! Duel with friends. Muscle memory is your friend.

Ok PvP pros, what else ya got?


Here is a video link that may help remove some of the stigma of PvPing in NW. The lesson to take away is "know your toons abilities/skills. You shouldn’t be afraid of being roflstomped by a higher level player. Much like what you suggest in #4.

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These are all good suggestions I would add a few ( and again I am no pvp expert but I have done a bit of it)
A. Communications discipline(PvP)–as a guild we tend to talk too much, an habitual problem with old people and not undesirerable in normal game play. I mean that’s half the fun. In PvP it is deadly. Unnecessary chatter obscures and drowns out your combat leader’s instruction. Normally there is an easy fix to this until ppl get used to fighting first then talking. A simple command such as “Clear Channel” works well but it must be established before any fight starts. In fact we need to train with it in effect. (The counter argument is always “but what if I see the bad guys coming over the hill and I need to warn everyone” Naturally that would not be considered unneccessary)
B. Target Designation: Not all PvPers are equal. Some will be melee specialists, some ranged. We need to designate targets for focused fire and we need to do it in such a way as to eliminate confusion. For example, unless specifically directed by the Combat Leader we might say that all ranged focus on enemy healers and once they are eliminated shift to melee targets. This is commonly called SOP. No one should ever be idle in PvP or not know what to do. However, you must do things in support of the group effort.
C. Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)–see above.
D. Plans: You need them but stay flexible. Moltke said “No plan survives first contact with the enemy” Mike Tyson said " Everybody has a plan until you get punched in the mouth" Fluid Battlefield= Fluid Plans
E. Practice, Practice, Practice

Regarding chat while in PvP.

Voice chat is our single most powerful weapon. It allows for instant changes of target, helping one individual, etc that cannot be done otherwise in PvP. It can also be our biggest hindrance.

OTGers like to gab. Incessantly. Over little to nothing usually.

All too often in OTG PvP, I hear things like, " Oh oh, i’m getting hit. I’m loosing it, gonna die! I’m gonna die! yell of anguish I’m dead!"

The above example is all too common and almost completely useless. We don’t all instantly recognize everyone’s voice. Use of the words “I” “I’m”, etc should be completely banned in PvP chat. :wink: Use your character name so someone else hearing what you’re saying can actually do something useful in response to it.

If you are away from the main body of the group, LOCATION is paramount! If you see something happening, DIRECTION from the group is utterly needed.

Comments like this “Bambi has 5 targets incoming from the West” , are what we need to see.

We expect melee types, both tank and dpsers to take damage. They’re front line. It’s up to the healers to watch them and keep them up. But if our support folk in BACK are taking focus fire, we need to hear that in order to STOP that focus fire.

If someone goes down and needs reviving, they need to simply state “Bambi down, SW of main group”

PvP leaders need to stop excessive chatter quickly with “Clear Comms” if we’re in a hostile situation.

  1. Make sure you have Food and Potions
  2. Already mentioned but very important, when engaging in a PvP activity, please do not talk unless it’s related to the PvP activity. Complaining, whining or even praising shouldn’t be going on until after you’re done PvPing. If you’re spectating (someone is streaming live) please, please oh please keep quiet.
  3. Another dupe but very very important, KNOW YOUR CLASS and KNOW YOUR ENEMY. The best way to do this is practice dueling with guild mates or watching streams/youtube etc… Some weapons do different damage depending on your distance. So please train, listen and be open to learn.
  4. If you’re doing PvP missions with others (which you really should be most of your play time if your goal is PvP) then move as a group. It’s not “oh look a shiny” and you go run off to harvest whatever, if you’re in PvP mode, stay in PvP mode. Setup time for yourself daily outside of when you’re flagged for PvP to work on your gathering skills. When you go run off on your own you put the group at risk and potentially help feed the enemy.
  5. Situational Awareness, VERY IMPORTANT, always keep your head on a swivel. I can’t tell you how many times I saw someone trying to sneak up behind me only to get themselves countered and killed.
  6. Find your blood lust (My personal opinion), I’ve been with this community for a while now and every single game that has had PvP. There is always a lot of OTGers willing to fight but very little actually had the blood lust needed to win. One can just refer to the start of BDO, so many OTGers stepping up to fight but most of their game time was spent working on life skills. So when it actually came time to fight, they were behind in levels, gear and practically game related PvP experience. Didn’t enjoy themselves and it was very discouraging to boot. So if you don’t have or can’t find that blood lust to push yourself to the max, don’t expect to have too much fun PvPing.
  7. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or for help. As I’ve said above I’ve been with OTG for a while and with that I’m always one of the first engaging in PvP to either protect or rescue OTGers (Those pack runs in AA still brings me joy whenever I think of fighting on the high seas). The majority of my time is spent solely on getting geared and leveled for PvP. There are a few OTGers I see in NW that I know are true PvPers. Between all of us I’m sure your PvP related questions would get a good answer. We’re all here to help one another, doesn’t matter if you like PvP or not, we are a community, a damn good one and I’m certain if you’re willing to ask and learn, someone here is willing to answer and teach.

Great comment on unnecessary and largely useless gab–you said it better than I did.

Situational awareness=very good point well said and well thought out… As an additional thought, most small units designate some to “watch their 6” and it is a standard part of any movement to contact manuver.

I’m probably not going to have time to do the dedicated pvp on NW, but from my experience in these types of action combat games animation canceling will separate the great from just good players. Learn your weapon(s) of choice and figure out the most efficient combos that won’t keep you locked in place. To get started, there’s a couple YouTube vids already that showcase animation canceling movement to make you run faster in combat and non-combat situations (look up “dodge cancel”). As a guild we should also share any animation cancel combos that aren’t well known to have an edge in pvp.

New World fighting is a lot like Chivalry 2 fighting. Same strats work as well. Refer to yourself in the 3rd person in chat, makes it much easier.

Father Crowe normally does this anyway.

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Fire Resist Potions…

OK , is there a PvP roster. If so where I like to sign up so I can get organised. I will be around alot in this game since I am retired. During the beta tried Bow / Rapier for small scale pvp and a Life staff / Board & Shield Paladin build for tanking. I’ve decided to start with the Tank at launch.

Have you been reading my pre-launch updates @Cruman ?


I read your post … thanks for the info … :sunglasses:

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Planetside was nothing but PvP. I belonged to a guild of active and retired military members. We were trained on different combat functions during in game training exercises( i.e. breaching, approaching a target, transport, convoy ops. etc.) and were signed off on each as we completed them. This also included command/leadership training, as well as a rigid command structure with varying com levels.( squad, group, etc). This often led to our clan being feared and targeted by other large clans.
In early WoW my more enjoyable times were spent doing organized PvP, so much so it became my only desire to play the game.
In each instance what those above have stated held true to generally winning most encounters. If we can do that we will likely be successful.

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