New World FAQ

How many companies will OTG have at launch?
Company size as of Beta was 100. If the company size does not increase then we expect to have 3 companies at launch and we will monitor on an ongoing basis.

How will I get a company invite?
Complete the form here to join the chapter
In-game company invite process is still WIP

Why do we want to control a settlement?
The Governor of a settlement controls the tax rates and settlement upgrades. We prefer to control our own destiny rather than be subject to outrageous tax demands. It is horrible to be taxed out of your house for example.

Will I be forced to PvP if I’m in OTG Theta?
OTG never forces anyone to do anything they don’t want to do. OTG Theta will require around 60 dedicated PvPers to be competitive (i.e., to have a pool of PvPers large enough to ensure we have coverage during settlement defense). The rest of the roster could be filled by PvE-minded members but keep in mind this company is PvP focused.

Do I need to be a “hardcore” PvPer to be in OTG Theta?
Nope. All we ask is a willingness to participate in organized PvP (mainly Faction PvP quests at the start) and to keep a positive attitude when we get roflstomped. We’re not going to win every fight and we’re looking for people willing to take a beating, learn from it, and keep coming back. If you find it’s just not your thing, no worries, you can move to one of the other companies.


Will I get kicked out of OTG Theta company for inactivity?
Short answer: probably. We will need active players in OTG Theta to remain competitive. That being said, we realize real life can be a bitch so if you find yourself having issues then simply chat with an officer to make arrangements for a prolonged absence.

If I’m not in OTG Theta company, will I be missing out?
Not really. If we control a settlement then everyone in all companies benefit from it. Excess tax monies (e.g., those not needed to cover the weekly costs of running a settlement…and there are costs) can be distributed among the other OTG companies if needed. The Theta company is not an “elite” company…it is just the company dedicated to taking and holding a settlement.

There IS NO MAIN GUILD! No matter what Fredolf says.

*:wink: *

You can still participate in settlement defense as well! Only 20 members from Theta will be able to join the settlement defense. The rest of the players come from the entire faction.

Will I be able to change companies?
We do expect to have people moving from one OTG company to another for a variety of reasons (e.g., being in the same company as friends and family or you get the PvP itch and want to move to Theta)

How can I contribute to the faction control effort if I don’t PvP?
The cost of the settlement fee in Beta was 100,000 gold so the top thing everyone can do is donate to the OTG Theta company. The faster we can raise the needed funds, the more likely we are to successfully control a settlement. Crafters can contribute gear and consumables. Everyone can run Faction missions in our target settlement.

If I donate to the settlement fund, will I be gimped?
Gold is pretty easy to obtain from just doing town and faction quests. Sure, you will feel an initial twinge of pain, but the benefits of settlement ownership should more than make up for the early loss in gold. Donations are entirely voluntary.

What should I expect during the first week of launch?
Login queues, lag spikes, random crashes, lots of questions, too few answers…in general: controlled chaos. I realize it’s been awhile since we did a large game launch so I wanted to remind everyone of what we’ve seen in every game launch to date.
We plan to be in control of settlement by the end of the first week so things should settle down after that…until someone decides to try and take it from us.

I can’t play on the East servers due to bad ping, latency, whatever. Will there be a company on the West server?
Yes, but it will be “unofficial.” Contact Rhialto for more details.

How do I mute the New World Applications?
The New World Applications Category is prevented from showing up up on the global Latest Topics page, however as soon as you look into the New World Category itself you will be able to see them. If you do not want to see them at all, you will need to mute the New World Application category completely.

To do this, go to the New World Applications category (link provided) 3

Then on the top right you should see a bell icon. Click the icon and select Muted.

This will prevent you from seeing all the application submissions.