New physical steelbook available

Just noticed a post on facebook for a collector’s edition steel book for $59.99 for those interested

I’d of linked it but my phone keeps taking me to the app instead lol. It’s on the Amazon official New World page though so it most likely wont be steam compatible

And New World will release on Steam, and this will also include a Steam key as such.

NIce. I was at work and didn’t have time to read all the details. Knowing it gives you a Steam key I went ahead and canceled my order and reordered this version instead.

When I search on my phones app it brings up a $10 steelbook, but no game… I can follow the link above but I’m curious why it wasn’t showing up

There’s the game for 40 bucks, the deluxe game for 50 bucks, the steelbook for 10 bucks, the deluxe game plus steelbook for 60 bucks :smiley:

Thank goodness we have someone so gifted in that “new math” LOL

You need to be a spreadsheet wiz nowadays to even be able to know what extra special expert plus gold platinum ultimate pack you want to order.