New Monitor--Flat screen vs Curved

Upgrading my system ( we used to have a tech board but that seems to be gone now) and was looking for input on a flat screen vs curved besides price point? Plus and minus? Do you own a curved, how do you like it. Thanks

We’ve had a few discussions on the Facebook group but not sure if all those same people are here. Let me grab some links of what people have put up and go from there.

Some things to look at aren’t really the curved feature per se, rather what support the monitor has with respect to your video card features, and refresh rate capabilities. Don’t get me wrong, I love my LG ultrawide curved for the curved view as well, I just could’ve easily been happy with a flat if it had the same features. Apparently the curved lowers some postural and eye strains :man_shrugging:

FreeSync (Radeon) vs gSync (nVidia) are contributors to my purchase choice. I use Radeon currently, and the curved LG ultrawide had freesync built in while the flat did not so I shelled out the extra 150-200 bucks.

Using gSync is possible on some freeSync monitors :

I have a 48" and 56" curved monitors.

I like them both very much.

All other factors being roughly equal get the curved one. IMO