New Chat Options

So we can create Groups within the Chat system for things like Orgs .
This works across groups, servers and regions. That means someone in EU server can join the channel and talk to folks on the US server. Kinda handy though not anything more than what we already have in Discord.
However, it is one less thing to remember to log in to, you will just be in the channel (both voice and chat) when you log in. At least until server wipes.


I am going to log in and start an OTG channel as soon as 3.7.1 goes live. The catch, for now, is that I can only invite folks who are online and only I can do the invites. I am sure that will change but at least for now we can get a cross server voice channel in the game.

Once we have 3.7.1 live I will schedule a meet and greet so we can all log in, perhaps get Mac to bring his party barge and we can all get into the simplest form of an Org chat. Who knows it might make it a little easier to coordinate with other OTG that happen to be in game.

Keep an eye out for a post to announce the get together to kick it off, shortly after 3.7.1 goes live.