No idea if this spot to ask this question. But about month two ago I upgraded my router to the new Netgear RAXE500. I have nothing but issues with the thing dropping connection all the time and at random. I was wondering anyone else had these issues or heard of them. I have them replacing it atm. Wondering if just going to have same problem with new one when get it. I had to put my older netgear back on to work never had these issues with that one. If there are known issues what router would people suggest. everything in my house is wifi lol except my computer I hard connect that for my gaming. Well nice update I requested a refund since ordered directly from them. Now getting a run around refusing a refund because they say after 30 days tough. Problem is the issues started little after the 30 days. Have gone through there support three times since then for same problem.


I have a Netgear modem, and had a couple routers, but the last one I had did the exact same thing and nothing I tried fixed over several months…I finally just replaced it. The new ASUS Router works great

I had a Netgear modem when I upgraded to GB fiber. It consistently ran slow whenever I modified anything from the defaults. I replaced it with a Linksys and haven’t had a problem since.

I wonder why the issues with Netgear? This is concerning.

I just thought take shot look them up in BBB. It very sad they have 1.02 score and all the complaints are about same. They refuse to refund for defective products. I will never buy one them again. I am going to see how to just send this one back and fight it through my credit card I used to pay.;

I have had two pieces of netgear equipment and both were rubbish. I stay away from netgear…
Arris is much better.

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Something to Check. As you are dropping connections I assume you are using Wi-Fi and not hardwired to your computer. Wi-Fi comes in two flavors these days, 5G and 2.4 or not labeled. The 5g is faster, but unstable - use the 2.4 Wi-Fi network for stability. Maybe you are are using this, this is just something to check as it can help.
Something I like about Netgear Wireless Access points? the easy to recall default Wi-Fi password - they make me laugh.
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