My son's new gaming chair

I just purchased a new gaming chair for my son and it was a pleasure to see how much he really enjoyed it. He certainly did not take much time putting it together and trying it out. In fact the first evening he did that, he stayed up way later on a work day night than he should have so I am sure he was excited about the new chair.

The MainGear FORMA GT Gaming Chair is the one I chose and I did so because of this video. I wanted something I felt would work well and certainly could not afford a Herman Miller chair, but it seems MainGear has hit a sweet spot.

Here’s the video: MainGear Chair

By the way, I went to the Micro Center computer store in Duluth, GA to take a look at these chairs since they have them on display. They had 4 of these particular GT ones available so I was able to take it home with me.

Although I could not fit that huge box in my small Corolla, I did talk them into opening the box right there and we just schlepped the parts into my car. Worked great and I did not have to contend with that box and foam padding disposal at all.