My cat, Zoey

Hello everyone,

I know I don’t really post in here and am more of a lurker than contributor. I’m kind of a quiet person I think, until I get to know someone and then can talk your head off.

Anyways, I’m posting here today because I lost my cat this afternoon. Her name was Zoey, she was a “tuxedo” cat, and she would have been 11 years old next month. I adopted her from the local animal shelter when she was only about a month old and she has been my favorite (and I like to think her favorite) since then.

I’m not really sure what happened.

She was up and about this morning acting normal waiting for breakfast. She came back to visit me briefly while I was working, and that was the last time I saw her. I got up to take a lunch in the afternoon and went looking for her since she normally hangs out with me. My second cat was in the cat tower and my third cat was in his favorite place under the couch, but Zoey was nowhere to be found.

I went back and checked bedrooms and found her on my daughter’s bed. I thought she was sleeping, she was laying on a blanket my daughter had near the end of the bed, and nothing looked out of the ordinary. I walked over to say hi and pet her, expecting her to raise her head with the greeting meow she normally gives me, but nothing. I went to pick her up and immediately knew she was gone at that point.

I’m so devastated. I know she is a cat, but she has been part of my family for almost 11 years. My wife and I adopted her before we married and before our daughter was born. It doesn’t feel real.

Below are a couple pictures of Zoey, if anyone is interested. :’(


So sorry you lost a family member. Hurts beyond words.

What a beautiful kitty. I’m so sorry for your loss.

I’m sorry for your loss. I recently lost one of my cats as well and it can be devastating.

I’m very sorry for the loss of your fur-baby. I know hurts a lot. Hugs to you and your family.

I am so sorry. :cry:

Condolences on your loss, its always difficult when you lose a beloved pet. I lost both my boys to old age/health issues that come with age about 4 years ago and I still find myself looking around thinking they will walk into the room

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Sorry for your loss. I lost my Clover not too long ago. It’s devastating to lose a beloved pet.

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Sorry about your loss.

I am so sorry. It’s hard losing a beloved furry family member.

So sorry for the loss of a family member like that. I haven’t had that pain yet, but my wife and I just took our one of our own to the vet today for a mysterious sneeze she developed over the last few days. All was good in the end as it all appears to stem from some eye drainage causing her to sneeze, but I can tell you that we were both apprehensive about what may have been causing her to have issues.

Nothing can really replace the loss of a pet. Keep the memories close and an eye on the other cats they may get anxiety from the loss as well if they were a bonded family.

I too have had a multiple cat house hold since I was 27. I honestly begin to run out of fingers counting those I have buried in these couple decades. For me, deciding early on marriage and children were not for me, they have been my children. So it’s never “Just a cat…” or the time a co-worker thought I was “cute” “Oh look he thinks of them as his kids” was just rude. For us there’s history there, early mornings when they wanted to be fed, laying on their back all spread out lol, you meet someone and they’re there being introduced to your cat or cats.

I too have lost a couple of my boys the past two years. One was my buddy … was with me where ever I was. I’d talk to him and he’d look at me with an intelligence. “Storm” understood a couple dozens of words too I swear. Jack was another one … he wanted the Alpha spot and tried his best to topple Storm.

If you ever just want to ramble about Zoey … please write and tell us more or feel free, any time, to chat with me about her in private.

Hugs to y’all - I’m really sorry - and of course we’re interested in seeing pictures - Tom

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Thanks everyone, I appreciate your posts.

My other cats don’t seem affected by the loss so far, I’m not sure they will. Zoey was the first cat to live with us, and was also very independent and generally wanted nothing to do with anyone else. I was the only one she seemed to bond to - I could grab her attention and get her to come to me simply by making eye contact with her. She would “talk” to me all the time too.

Few more pictures below, from her kitten days. The one under the chair is the 1st day home with us.





Oh baby photos … look at her all curled up sleeping then hanging out behind the keyboard. :slight_smile:


My deepest condolences on your loss. Such a sweetie.

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So sorry to hear about your kitty.

We had a tuxedo named Morgan who we lost a few years ago. I would do scrunchy monster fingers and this hop dance. If you’ve ever seen “Fantastic beasts” when “Newt” does that mating dance with the big rhino hippo thing … that’s me. Newt totally plagurized(sp) my technique. lol. Well Morgan would go into crazy cat mode, dig into the cat tree, whip his head around all nutzo and run then I would chase him around the house. hahaha

Did Zoey like to be chased around the house or something similar like hoarding toys under the couch?

I’m so sorry.

I figured since many of us have experienced really funny moments with our cats in the past, I decided we needed some laughter in memory of them.


So sorry for your pain. I had a cat just like that many years ago named ‘Socks’ and an aside… I have that identical Thomas Kinkade throw. I know there feels like a giant hole in your life and home now.

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