Mutation Scaling Calculator

This spreadsheet can help you evaluate how much damage you will deal to enemies inside a mutated dungeon and how much damage you will receive in return - factoring in the mutation level and your average gear score.

  • Make a copy of the google doc and open it.
  • In the upper left corner you can modify the AverageGS value to update the spredsheet.

Under “Outoing Damage to all Mobs” you will see a matrix which includes a damage scaling value for that mutation. As you change the AverageGS that damage scaling value will changel. For a given mutation level and your inputted average GS that is the percentage of normal damage you will do in that level mutation.

For example. a 602 GS player in an M7 will deal 2% of their normal damage.


On the right side you will se an imcoming damage area. The mutation scaling column takes into account your gear score average you input and is a factor applied to the default scaling of the mutator. So a mutator will alway scale the damage you take by some degree - the mutation scaling multiplies that further.

Each creature class is represented: Boss/Miniboss are the bosses throughout the instances Black Diamond Elites and Red Diamond Elites. The Dungeon+ mobs are the silver elites. The Dungeon mobs are just normal mobs. The Dungeon- mobs are the weak zerg like mobs.

Within each group you will see a static Dmg Mod and a Total Mod. The Dmg Mod is the base modifier for that mutation level for that mob type. The total mod is what you personally at the input gear score will get from a mob of that type.

So someone who is 570 attempting a mutator one expedition is going to deal only 68% of their normal damage and the damage they take will be 132% of normal. So a boss that normally does 115% damage in M1 will deal 152% damage to that player.