Music - Recently discovered gems

Smooth dub from Rochester, NY. Very tasty.

mmmmm, beer


This kid, and he is truly a kid by OTG standards hehe, came on the blues rock scene recently and his group is just amazing. Saw his group twice live and both times with my mom. In fact, it was my mom who turned me on to him.

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More Giant Panda. I find the vocals to be more palatable than on their first album (Slow Down, posted above). Also check out their albums “Steady” and “Make it Better”, if you like this one.

Thanks for the intro to him. That’s some amazing talent. Wow.

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I was in the ‘bass’ mode and came across this 2 hours of super duper bass music.

Great party music. Dance! :dancer::dancing_women:

This right here is a group from Italy that I discovered early this year and I find them to be epic quality. This is the kind of stuff I feel should be winning a grammy. Very obscure, only one real video on Youtube and it’s not even the best song off the ablum by far.

Found them on amazon music.

Don’t know if you guys are in to “synthwave” or 80’s “Retrowave” but I never get enough of Gunship.

One of their latest complete vids and an open contest to be in a video for their new song for you 80’s geeks that are still photo friendly.

Dark All Day - Gunship

When You Grow Up, Your Heart Dies - Gunship

Cymande - Early 70’s band from England that plays a mixture of funk, soul, reggae and African rhythms. Members of the band are from Jamaica, Guyana and St. Vincent.

Compilation album link.

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Another proggish metakl group from Italy, I love these guys and they just put out a new album that is great! They keep getting better and better, if one could wear out a digital version of an album I would probably do it to this.

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From an article about them: “Conjuring the primal wildness of the Viking era and Northern European Bronze Age, the trio blends the cinematic clang of human bones, reconstructed swords and frame drums with brooding lyrics borrowed and re-contextualized from rune stones, amulets and other ancient artifacts.”

Another type of music i wish i could participate in making.

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This is a rather new group they put out a couple albums since 2016, they make very interesting music. I am going to see them live with two other great groups on October 30th, going to be a fantastic show!

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I don’t like stoner rock. Too much metal for me. Youtube keeps recommending stoner rock videos to me though. I don’t know the band, so I listen to enough to know it’s stoner rock, then move on. Youtube thinks I liked it, so it sends me more. /facepalm

Then I caught this one. I’m enjoying it because of the prog aspects. I’d probably call it stoner prog rather than stoner rock. It has the heaviness of stoner rock but the flowing emotional evolution of prog. I’m finding it to be an enjoyable mix of qualities and styles.

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I am hot for this group lately, from Poland and they are fantastic! I’m just starting to get caught up on their backlog over the last 18 years or so.

Suffering from the Bleach Bottle Blues?

“Rosemary” is a touching song written and performed by Kim Churchill about the love story between his grandmother and a guy named George who passed away within 24 hours of each other. Let this video and song remind you that love is all around us and within us. #ShareTheLove

Silent Planet Has probably saved me a couple times from the dangers of believing that this world isn’t worth saving.

Thank god for this band.

I just recently discovered Johari