Moving and trying to find somewhere nice

I thought I would reach out through the guild and see if anyone knows, lives or manages any 55+ communities in the upper NY area that aren’t expensive but are nice too.
My wife and I are moving (our current townhouse lease is up June 4th) because the rent is being raised again for the 4th time (we’ve lived here 4 years).
We currently live in the Canandaigua, NY area and are looking for a decent place that isn’t to expensive while we wait for both our SS disability to be approved.

Any insight is appreciated.

P.S. The reason we’re looking at 55+ communities in addition to regular apartments is because they are usually no kids allowed (we have none and don’t like them) and quiet, which we very much enjoy.


I don’t know anything about living in NY, nor 55+ communities, but I’ve made several work visits to the Saratoga Springs, Stillwater, Schuylerville area. One of the attractions being the nearby Saratoga National Historical Park (and associated Saratoga Monument). I really like the area and wish I had more time to recreate/explore. Much of this area is perhaps too rural for some folks, but Saratoga Springs is decent size and will cover your shopping, entertainment bases.

P.S. if you are in the area, just happen to be hiking along the banks of Hudson River to east of highway 4 and just happen to find a wedding band - uhhh, send me a msg. :wink:

That’s a nice area. We are actually to the west of there, over by the Rochester area.
We are trying to stay somewhere in the area we are currently in (in a roughly 35 mile radius).
It’s rural but not out in the middle of nowhere rural.
We thought a lot about it and decided that as long as groceries/vet/pharmacy is within a 15 mile drive, it’s good. We enjoy nature and animals and prefer not to live in a city environment.

Hi there, your post has stayed with me. Have you had any luck finding a community in rural upper New York?

If you are looking for something outdoors and a total change of pace, this luxury retirement community in the Algarve area (southern coastal) of Portugal is fun to look at. Townhouses for 170k euros, and an onsite nursing home. A mere 13 hour flight from Rochester. :slight_smile:

anyhow, good luck.

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Hey there.
We have found a new place and are moving at the end of May. It’s down in Hornell, NY so about an hour and a 1/2 from us currently. It was the only place that we could find that wasn’t completely run down, to expensive and had availability.

I couldn’t believe some of the places we looked at and the prices for them. People are crazy.

That place in Portugal looks very nice though. If we are ever able to travel again, it would be a nice area to visit.

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This is my area. And I haven’t seen that wedding band while fishing the Hudson in these areas all the way down to the damn. I went to Shen in the late 80’s.

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