Movie's site (message boards)

Dear OTG,

I started out on the AOL internet days (1995), and I was fascinated with (phbb style message boards)
If you would like to know what Phbb is, it’s the same style as this Otg website. None of those twitter stylle or redit social media apps. Mostly they are privately operated. By the group, and I feel in my heart, that that it helps make a kind and eazy-going, community.

I’ve been into video gaming, since 1983, and My family bought our first VCR around the same time.

Is there any sites for movies, with a message board format like this one?

Richard in Florida

Hi Brraaainsss,

I found a couple of sites using this search criteria : movies with phpbb message boards. I didn’t find any other than discussions of movies with female death scenes. So, I changed my search criteria a bit to : movies message boards with phpbb

I found some that ‘may’ fit the bill at Turner Classic Movies Movie Chat

I clicked through on both and no alarms came up. The Femme Fatale website came up again.

Good luck!! Mid

Back in the day AIn’t it Cool News was a great movie discussion site

It has gone through personnel and ownership changes so is not as great as it used to be, but you will find avid movies watchers and some good conversations between the trolls messages.

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I come from the same era you mention and have long been a member of countless forums based on phpbb and similar platforms. Any of them with a focus on movies I’ve long since abandoned, but one movie-related site I do frequent, however, is Fantasy Movie League. I run a fantasy league at work through this site in which we compete each week to determine a winner based on the total box office revenue of the movies you select. There is a ‘Chatter’ section on the site where many folks go to chat, not only about fantasy movie league strategy, but just movies in general. That might be of interest to you. Note that the fantasy games are currently paused due to COVID-19. So anyone interested in playing will have to wait until gameplay resumes. Cheers!

I was on Quantum Link (before they became A$L) in 1986 with a Commodore 128 and a 300 BAUD modem at 6¢ a minute, I’m so glad I got orders for Germany.

Not about movies but it did bring back a bad memory.

300 baud 0.3 kbit/s

Wow … you kicked in some memories. Did my first programming in the early 70s for the military using punch cards. Don’t remember much else about them though other than they were for BIG room sized computers. My first pc was a Tandy CoCo 3 with 300 b/s. Can 't remember what I was connecting to other than it was some early BB.