Min max Alliance classic leveling guide

I won’t be following this 100% but this is a very good guide series for anyone wanting to level as Alliance as quick as possible. It’s worth a watch if you have hours of free time (each video is like 30-60 minutes long)

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don’t think there’s a Horde one yet but hopefully one will be made for Horde

Honestly Hakurai is awesome and I remember him from BDO. But for Alliance or Horde the single best (OG) guide is Joana’s.

Joana is back and in the beta to revise his Horde guide and build out his Alliance guide (40-60 not done). Web based guide, color coded to minimize reading, checkboxes, maps, and links to wowhead. It has it all. He’s also building an in-game addon to make it even easier. Definitely worth a look.

Check out his guide https://www.joanasworld.com , and stop into his Twitch channel https://www.twitch.tv/Joana and say thankyou or hi.

For those of you who already have Dugi’s Guides, he’ll be adding a WoW Clasic guide, also.

There is also a text guide for this that distills everything down to hard copy. It’s linked to in the video description but I’ve put it here to save you searching. Note it’s not printable or copy-able so you need to have it open while you are online.
Hakuri Leveling guide