Message from Duchess Cynn

Duchess Cynn
If you have a Mayor pack and were planning to join us you need to contact me right away on the Duchy Discord, please. I’d hate for anyone to miss a spot with us because they thought all would be ok if they posted in the forum thread.

For parcel holders like proprietors, should we be registered with some Mayor yet or not until much later or not at all (just claim land in game)? Thank you.

I’m not really sure. I just have the bloodline package so I haven’t been following along with the landowning part of it. You should ask Cynn. If she doesn’t know she would know who to ask.

it wouldn’t hurt to be in touch with a mayor or baron, but it’s unnecessary. D&SS is for title holders - Mayor/Baron, Counts, Dukes, King. There is an opportunity at the end of D&SS to participate in a dutch auction for remaining titles, however.

Don’t have a Mayor pack and intend to play on NA-W.

Thanks for your heads-up, tho.